Edward Herridge

Finishing artist at Grey Advertising
Location:South Africa


Edward matriculated in 1992 after which he performed military service and began his working career in printing by studying electronic origination at the South African Printing College. Edward eventually became an account executive for Oakes and Associates at Investec Bank. He then migrated into advertising and became brand manager for Ronin Grain Management Solutions. Edward departed Ronin GMS to pursue his own interest before finding employment at Grey adverting as a finishing artist, re-toucher, motion graphic and digital designer.
Marching to an African beat

The strong and bold rhythm of Africa is the emotive marching drum that has followed humanity from its cradle at the southern end of the continent to its rise in dominance over this world...

By Edward Herridge 6 Apr 2021

Attention is the new currency in adland

Advertising has piggybacked on technology since the 17th century and in our modern world has evolved to a pervasive presence in the daily lives of people across the globe. A little bit too pervasive some would say...

By Edward Herridge 24 Feb 2021

The future of traditional and digital design

Edward Herridge, Finishing Artist at Grey Advertising reflects on the future of traditional and digital design...

By Edward Herridge 29 Jul 2020

A Game of Homes

So, here's the thing. The last time the world was united in a single cause to this extent was World War 2. This time around, however, it is not a battle against an ideology but one that is in opposition to one of the oldest frenemies of man: the virus...

By Edward Herridge 8 May 2020

Mind your Ts and Cs

Have you ever been asked to write an opinion piece? I recently had the misfortune of receiving such a request, and while baulking internally, I was powerless to prevent my ego from commandeering my vocal chords and saying yes...

By Edward Herridge 11 Jun 2018

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