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Joe Public Connect grows greater

Digital advertising in South Africa is growing at more than four times* the rate of traditional advertising and to meet this growing demand, agency group Joe Public United has actioned a powerhouse move by merging Joe Public Ignite, (previously its beyond-the-line offering) and Joe Public Connect (its digital offering).
The newly expanded entity will provide a bigger and better digital offering to support the growth of its clients in the digital arena. With a staff complement close to 100 people, Joe Public Connect is now fully equipped to maximise its creative talent, leadership and output. A broader range of digital services will now be accessible to Joe Public Connect’s clients, stretching across the full spectrum from traditional digital advertising such as social media and content to the more technical services such as UX, UI, interaction design and web platforms.

“One of Joe Public’s success factors over the years has been its ability to respond to our clients’ needs to ensure optimum growth for them. We believe that combining a great leadership team who are committed to the highest levels of creative excellence and offering the full range of digital services is a powerful proposition and positions us perfectly to deliver on our growth purpose for our clients,” said Group CEO, Gareth Leck, Joe Public United.

The company will be led by: Managing Director Mpume Ngobese, Executive Creative Director Megan Perks and Technical Director Ben Krawchuk. Mpume has been with Joe Public United for more than six years and was previously Managing Director of Joe Public Ignite. Megan joined Joe Public United in 2016 as a Creative Director and Ben has been one of the key leaders at Joe Public Connect for the last three years. The collective experience and strength of the leadership team alongside their alignment to the group’s vision, values and growth purpose will be a key driver of success for the newly merged and expanded Joe Public Connect.

“It’s an extremely exciting chapter to be advancing our digital arm. We want to unlock greater levels of digital opportunities for our clients and for our talented people to become the leaders in world-class digital creativity in the service of our clients’ growth,” added Mpume Ngobese Managing Director, Joe Public Connect.

*Stats source: PwC report Entertainment and Media Outlook 2018–2022

Joe Public United's press office