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Different SA time zones, because loadshedding? The best of April Fool's Day 2019

It's that day of the year again where we take the news with a pinch of salt. See our favourite 'we know it's not true just because it was published today' headline below.
© Artur Szczybylo via 123RF

Unfortunately, just because it’s a day for foolery, doesn’t mean true hard news stops being published, which often leads to confusion. A good rule of thumb is to wait until afternoon when the jokes should stop…

Top of our list so far this year? Business Tech’s ‘different time zones for SA, because loadshedding.’

The lengthy prank, quoting analyst "Dr Christine Current," details the current power demand in the country and projected impact for business if two time zones are implemented to meet that, with the 'full government gazette' embedded at the end of the article - a three-pager that ends with the message 'April Fools'.

If not for that caveat, this may well have seemed like extreme but plausible future planning to get behind, and pulled the wool over many an eye.

See our round up of some of the best #AprilFool social media shares from last year and the year before for more.

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