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Are you serious? Fooling around on April Fool's Day 2018

The rise of fake news means today's social media bunch are more sceptical than ever before, but did you fall for these April Fool's headlines?
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April Fool’s Day jokes stretch as far back as the 1500s, but technological advancements mean you probably saw more of them than ever before this weekend, and even played a part in sharing them yourself with the click of that handy ‘share’ or retweet button. Or not, as doing so could implicate you in spreading fake news.


Who's the fool with those headlines?

Misleading media headlines are to be expected on 1 April each year as April Fool's Day is celebrated globally...

1 Apr 2016


Fake news or April fools?

The nation wasn't in much of a jokey state of mind this past weekend due to the political climate, but there were a few April Fools' Day funnies to brighten the mood...

By Leigh Andrews 3 Apr 2017


Singapore launches public hearings on 'fake news'

Singapore on Wednesday launched public hearings on possible legislation to combat "fake news" which critics said could be used to curtail free speech...

15 Mar 2018

Many brands took that scepticism to heart and pointed out they were well aware of the fact that it was 1 April when sharing content, making an effort to stop the spin of false stories. Others reminded the not-so-savvy that joking about pregnancy and death is just not funny.

Those that did post dodgy stories made sure they were quite ridiculous and at the very least added a disclaimer at the end of their articles, making the date clear.

Were you the fool in 2018?

This year saw a broad range of those pranks pop up, with just enough of a kernel of truth to them that many got to thinking, ‘Wait, maybe it’s true’. After all, it is the day VAT officially increased from 14% to 15% in SA. They covered everything from new shock-style resignations and appointments to a new pet tax and questionable food flavours being suddenly discontinued:

Are April Fool’s Day pranks still fun for you or an outdated activity that leaves you rolling your eyes? Let us know which is your favourite in the comment section below.
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