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Moo-ve over there's a new big cheese in town

With a soft launch in April this year in First Choice shops and KIOSK stores, Woodlands Dairy's new white cheese spread is now being rolled out nationwide.
Moo-ve over there's a new big cheese in town
Competing with established brands, Woodlands Dairy briefed Boomtown to design its packaging. “Introducing cheese wedges adds another dimension in our product offering,” adds Woodlands Dairy Senior Marketing Co-ordinator, Marilee Jansen van Niewenhuizen. “The market for such a product is established as mothers and children, and Boomtown has designed our packaging across all products, so knows our brand and how to attract our target market.”

“The solution needed to be bold, eye-catching, playful, exciting and full of character, yet versatile enough to be carried across all marketing collateral and work well with the First Choice logo,” remarks Boomtown Creative Group Head, Lara-Anne Derbyshire. “But it also needed to be flexible with colour variations if new flavours are released in the future.”

Moo-ve over there's a new big cheese in town

Rising to the challenge, the creative team at Boomtown created a solution which uses playful, slightly imperfect typography, and a cow character which resembles a cheese wedge. “The unique wedge-shaped cow with his imperfect proportions and child-like contours tie in well with the typography used in the product name,” adds Van Niewenhuizen. And the words "cheese" and "wedge" are designed to fit into one another to replicate the way the triangle slices are placed in the packaging.

Beneath the packaging, It’s All Good, just like the rest of the First Choice range of dairy products. There are no added colourants, and each of the eight cheese wedges are easy to open for little hands to unwrap the goodness inside. “Our range of products is growing and growing, and our packaging needs to express the brand visually as well as the nutritional benefits dairy has in our diets,” concludes Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen.

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