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    How long will the ANC continue fooling South Africans ?

    How long will the ANC continue fooling South Africans ?

    Boomtown Johannesburg wins first gold Loerie

    The momentum of business wins and growth keeps building with Boomtown Johannesburg winning its first Gold Loerie - a Campaign Craft Gold for South African Non-English Writing for 'Tiny Truths', radio work for A Million Girls Foundation.
    Boomtown Johannesburg wins first gold Loerie

    The campaign was conceptualised and written by creative director Thule Ngcese and crafted by himself and creative team Sinethemba Masiku, Dini Konzi and Sukesh Moodaley. The A Million Girls Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to keep one million girls across Africa in school in different ways, mostly by assisting them with products to ensure uninterrupted schooling during their menstrual cycles.

    “Winning this gold is a proud moment and another milestone achievement on our mission of building a better Boom and building better brands,” said Boomtown CEO, Glen Meier. “Not only because this campaign demonstrated the team’s mastery of our craft, it helped reach so many people with a vitally important message for Africa’s future.”

    You can listen to the link here:

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