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Everyone's talking about Chicken Licken and Howard Audio!

Howard Audio is thrilled to be once again the musical force behind another Chicken Licken project. We were tasked to compose a piece of music that would thread different scenes together from longer online videos, adding to the relevance and uniqueness of each scene depicted under the directorship of Karien Cherry of Giant Films.
Composing this unique, varying piece of music was no easy challenge. We had to compose the music for scenes from a dramatic soapie, to an action-packed film, to the chaos of an apocalyptic blockbuster and finally ending off with what can only be described as Afro-Balkan-brass-trip-hop (well this is Chicken Licken after all!).

A big shout out to the musicians that brought this to life – Cito who added some trip-hop vocals, Margaret Motsage who put us on edge with her eerie vocal tones, our very own Adam Howard who added some blazing trumpets and not forgetting Alex Hitzeroth who added tenor trombone, bass trombone and tuba – because he can!

The job was much bigger than all this though. Click here to check out the massive campaign on Chicken Licken's webpage or view the 90-sec ad here.

To learn more about the new Howard Audio and to stay up to date with our latest work be sure to check out our new website at www.howardaudio.co.za

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