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Six tips from Pnet to help you get an exciting new job

Pnet is more than just a job board. It's where job seekers find opportunities to help them find purpose, meaning, and joy through their skills. Here are six tips from Pnet to help you get an exciting new job using Pnet's specialist recruitment platform...
Six tips from Pnet to help you get an exciting new job

  1. Do your research before you apply
  2. Before you apply for a new role, make sure that your potential employer is the ‘right fit’ for you. Do you aspire to the same values and mission that your prospective employer stands by? Are they offering the employee benefits that you’re looking for? Will there be opportunities for upskilling or promotion down the line? Do your research on a prospective employer before you spend your valuable time on the application.

  3. Customise your cover letter to meet the criteria of the role
  4. Always create a tailored cover letter for each new position that you apply for. Recruiters get between 80 and 120 applications, on average, for each job advertised. When they scan your cover letter, you want them nodding enthusiastically at all your skills that match their job description. A cover letter also allows you to showcase your unique personal brand. In addition, you can demonstrate that you’ve done your research on the employer by speaking directly to their core values.

  5. Check that your references are up to date and reachable
  6. It can be tricky to present a list of reliable references, especially if you are still in the early days of your career, but it is vital. Always contact potential references before you list them on an application and make sure you have their correct contact info. Let them know that someone might be contacting them for information about you, so that they're prepared when they receive a call or email.

  7. Don’t apply for too many jobs
  8. Don’t apply for too many jobs at once, or for too many roles at the same company, as this can be a big red flag for recruiters. When you apply for multiple roles simultaneously, it may show that you don't have a clear career path and/or recruiters may doubt that you have the skills for all the advertised roles. They may also question which of the skills you've listed are accurate and honest. In addition, when your name keeps popping up for multiple applications, you may inadvertently leave the impression that you are either ‘desperate’ or that you are simply not serious about securing a particular job.

  9. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar
  10. As mentioned earlier, the average advertised job can elicit hundreds of applications, the competition is tough. Something silly like a typo or grammar mistake could mess up your entire application. Don’t rush when creating your online profile, updating your CV or writing a cover letter. If the job you’re applying for requires strong communication skills or demands attention to detail, spelling and grammar mistakes could be disastrous for your application. It is crucial to check and re-check your content before you hit ‘submit’.

  11. Remember to set up Pnet Job Alerts
  12. Finding out about new vacancies in your area of expertise early on can give you the edge over other jobseekers. It's a good idea to set up job alerts. These are sent directly to your inbox when relevant vacancies are advertised. You can segment job alerts based on location, industry, role, type of work (remote/hybrid, contract/permanent etc.) and so on. It's important to note, however, that if you include too many keywords and filters this may result in you not receiving any alerts at all.

Smart-matching job tech is rapidly changing the online application process. Keeping these six tips from Pnet in mind will boost your chances of finding your next job.

Where can I find jobs online?

Visit Pnet today to search thousands of available jobs or download the Pnet app for Android or iOS.

Can I get notified about relevant vacancies?

Yes! Register on Pnet and get your profile to 100%. Then sign up for job alert emails, sent straight to your inbox.

Pnet's recruitment platform uses smart-matching technology to connect the right candidates to the right vacancies at the right time. Part of the global StepStone Group, Pnet offers end-to-end recruitment solutions.

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