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Founded in 2010, Irvine Partners is a full-service public relations and integrated marketing agency with offices in London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Lagos.
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Why South Africa needs evidence-based regulations for vapesMuch has been said about South Africa's imminent Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (COTPENDS) Bill, but not enough about its critical oversight in respect to electronic vapour products (EVPs). Asanda Gcoyi, CEO of the Vapour Products Association of South Africa (VPASA), outlines how important it is to look at context-specific scientific evidence when legislating EVPs. 4 Jun 2021 Read more

Cheapflights appoints Irvine Partners as their South African PR agencyIrvine Partners public relations and integrated marketing agency has been awarded the Cheapflights communications account in South Africa. Irvine Partners will be responsible for reintroducing Cheapflights into the market as the travel industry recovers from the devastating impacts of Covid-19, and making the public aware of the various offerings available on the popular travel platform. 1 Jun 2021 Read more

Snowflake extends the power of The Data Cloud by launching in South AfricaSnowflake, the Data Cloud company, has officially arrived in South Africa and will kick off with an insightful virtual event on 2 June, aimed at a business audience. 27 May 2021 Read more

Belong, believe, behave: The drivers underpinning real engagement and value for both customers and brandsBrands have had to adapt rapidly to a new reality, not only because of the impact of Covid-19 but also because of the exponential impact of technology on our customers' expectations. Before we rush ahead and innovate for innovation's sake, however, it's critical that we keep some fundamental human truths as our guiding light. Sometimes the truth is much simpler than we imagine, and stripping away, or at least hiding the tech smarts from view, can add the most value in our shared experiences. 17 May 2021 Read more

Why we should use the e-commerce boom to support brick and mortar storesWhen the pandemic hit and the first lockdown arrived, everything ground to a halt. Looking at sales volumes from merchants trading on the SnapScan platform, we saw activity plummet by 50%, likely consistent with what the wider economy also experienced. But this plummet of activity didn't last long and with the swift onset of the e-commerce boom by the following month, in May 2020, we were seeing record numbers which have continued to grow month-on-month to date. This is fantastic news for online merchants, but where does it leave traditional brick and mortar establishments, and more importantly, how can we support these smaller businesses and the locals who run them to ensure they thrive? 20 Apr 2021 Read more

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