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Ayanda Allie on Accountability and Performance.

Ayanda Allie on Accountability and Performance.

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    Determination pays: Woman wins R99,000 after spending everything to reach Durban

    Nivea, teamed up with South African on-air personality, Minnie Dlamini, has been running a nationwide competition that lasts until mid-December. Close on R653,400 in spot cash prizes have been given away at shopping centers in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town since the collaboration’s inception on 25 October.
    Vuyiseka Hobe wins R99,000
    Vuyiseka Hobe wins R99,000

    One very special winner is Vuyiseka Hobe who won a cash prize of R99,000 at Checkers, Gateway, Durban on 29 November 2023. On hearing that Minnie would be in Durban, Vuyiseka took an overnight bus from Cape Town to put herself in the running for the grand prize. When she was announced as the winner, a very emotional Vuyiseka said that she was overjoyed to win this lifechanging money. “Last night I spent the night at the bus station with no money to buy food, and today I have won R99,000 in cash. It’s a dream come true!” she said.

    And making dreams come true is all part of Minnie’s current mission together with Nivea. In celebration of South African women’s diversity of melanin-rich skin tones, Minnie is adding another job title to her already super-busy list: mystery shopper. At shopping centers all across South Africa, Minnie has been working undercover, all in the name of radiant and glowing skin! The spot prizes are given away to those who’ve bought a Nivea Radiant & Beauty lotion or cream that very day.

    "I love being able to connect with consumers in person so to partner with a brand that believes in their product so much, that they want to give back to the people. I’m in! We give away R9,900 and R99,000 every week to people who don’t expect it. It’s really special, especially after witnessing the wins thus far,” enthuses Minnie Dlamini.

    Winning R9,900 cash is Sinothile Zondi pictured with Minnie Dlamini (right)
    Winning R9,900 cash is Sinothile Zondi pictured with Minnie Dlamini (right)

    These life-changing sums of money are part of the joy and pride that is Radiant & Beauty, Nivea’s most advanced moisturising range specially designed for African skin. Research has shown that of the women who have tried Radiant & Beauty Advanced Care, 99% recommended it. For Vuyiseka Hobe at Checkers, Gateway in Durban, it will mean R99 000 for wishes she never knew possible.

    Additional information can be found at:
    Facebook: NIVEASA
    Instagram: NIVEASouthAfrica

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