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#BizTrends2019: 8 big future food trends

As food designers, we work closely with experts in the field: chefs, scientists, beekeepers, and winemakers. Travel is an integral part of our approach and we attend some of the world's best food conferences and host our own with guests from around the food world. At the studio, we put tremendous importance on experimentation, and sometimes failing, to find new ways of doing things. All of this combined adds to our ongoing research into how humans will eat in the future: near and very distant.
We've compiled our research, insights, observations, interrogations, and intuitive gut feel of what is to come into a future food report broken down into the eight chapters here. 

2019 theme

The biggest trend this coming season will be a very personal journey for all, about all of us wanting to be and do better.

© Alix Rose Cowie
© Alix Rose Cowie

Food appreciation 

As natural resources become more precious and we become more mindful consumers, water will become honoured and revered and consumed ceremoniously. Meat will become a luxury item. 

Eating extinction

As the problem of feeding the world's population in 2050 and beyond fast approaches, food designers will look for solutions in projects that focus on food waste, future eating rituals and the simulation of extinct ingredients. 

African superfood pharmacy

From millet to marula, the world will soon be consuming superfoods from the continent for nutrition and healing. 

© Alix Rose Cowie
© Alix Rose Cowie

Food Pangaea

With the rise of activism tackling anti-immigrant law and sentiment, will come the dawning of a new super cuisine as a movement of solidarity. Food will become a great connector like never before. 

Plant kingdom

Superseding a 'trend', plant-based cooking will characterise eating in the near future.

Tactile eating

In an increasingly digital world where our fingertips are used predominantly to tap, swipe and scroll, we will see an emphasis on the design of tactile crockery and cutlery. 

© Alix Rose Cowie
© Alix Rose Cowie


In today's world, there is immense pressure to innovate, we will see a pushback looking to heritage, tradition and 'granny cooking'. 

Womxn in food

While the food industry is still a male-dominated arena at large, the foundations are shaking with the continuous rise of female empowerment. 

Empowering womxn in food with new conference FOOD XX

FOOD XX, a brand-new food conference, brought to you by Studio H will be launching in Cape Town next year...

By Ruth Cooper 26 Sep 2018

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