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    Elections 2024

    The Weekly Update EP:10 - The Current State of Play Inside Parliament and the GNU.

    The Weekly Update EP:10 - The Current State of Play Inside Parliament and the GNU.

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    #BehindtheSelfie: Leith Smith, marketing manager at Jacaranda FM

    This week I spoke to Jacaranda FM's marketing manager Leith Smith.
    #BehindtheSelfie: Leith Smith, marketing manager at Jacaranda FM

    What do you enjoy most about your industry?

    Radio and the media industry must be one of the most enjoyable industries to work in. Every day there is new content and client concepts that keeps me on my toes. The pace of radio and media is immediate, things can change and you must be ready to be agile and move with pace.

    What is a typical workday for you?

    Apart from meetings and more meetings, there is brainstorms and ideations sessions with clients to plan fun events for our listeners. At the end of the day we do what we do to keep our listeners engaged and feel part of the brand.

    Describe your career so far.

    I went from being a draughtsmen, to civil engineering and eventually found a gap in radio where I was part of Cape Town’s first ground patrol team. I then worked my way into the marketing department where I ran mass participant events. I finally ended up heading the marketing department at Jacaranda FM and then developing the first ever radio metaverse with the award winning Mzansi Quest campaign.

    What are you currently streaming/reading/listening to?

    Reading: James Kerr, Legacy: What the All Blacks can teach us about the Business of life
    Streaming: F1 News and TacticalRab
    Listening: Rivers Worship new album

    What's your favourite gif?

    Who inspires you?

    My father, he has always been a visionary and does not let traditions guide him, but instead he breaks the mould. Other people that inspire me are those who also do things differently, and are disruptors who are willing to take risks.

    What did you want to be when you were a child?

    I wanted to design cars because I’m a petrol head and now I design cars on Grand Turismo 7. I also want to be a singer and I believe one day I will release a single.

    Give three pieces of advice for young people waiting to enter this industry

    1. Radio is not just switching on a mic and speaking, there is a dynamic team behind the mic that assists the presenters to create and make the magic you hear.
    2. Content is key in everything you do.
    3. It’s always about the listener.

    Has it all been worth it?

    In life I believe that you need to make the best out of everything you so each touch point is a learning opportunity. Radio and media is a 24/7 industry, its super-fast paced, but extremely rewarding. When you see the lives you get to change in communities and being part of that journey, and then then also being able to create unique experiences for our listeners and their families – that makes it all worth it for sure!

    About Karabo Ledwaba

    Karabo Ledwaba is a Marketing and Media Editor at Bizcommunity and award-winning journalist. Before joining the publication she worked at Sowetan as a content producer and reporter. She was also responsible for the leadership page at SMag, Sowetan's lifestyle magazine. Contact her at
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