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7 Essential email banners to boost your business

Are you getting the most from the space on your email? Is every banner on your emails enticing real-time sales interaction?
7 Essential email banners to boost your business

So maybe it’s time to update your strategy and start mixing things up a little. Stand out from the crowd and start looking for opportunities beyond your typical, day-to-day salesy banners.

What you want to do is:

Get your clients’ attention. Get them interested. Get them engaged. And get them CLICKING.

Now we know, not all email banners are created equal. That’s why we’re here to help you. Start turning heads with every email you send, with these 7 ‘must-have’ banners for any marketer’s email branding strategy.

1. The “how are we doing?” banner

Customer Service should be at the forefront of your business.

Incorporating a ‘Rate Our Service’ Banner in your email is a great, non-intrusive way to get feedback from your clients. They can effortlessly select on the desired rating in one easy click, without having to complete a lengthy survey form. The instant click-notification can help you discover how employees are performing in real time and follow up accordingly.

7 Essential email banners to boost your business

2. The “let’s get social” banner

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to Social Media.

Encourage the readers of your emails to follow your social media channels for all the latest and greatest news your brand has on offer. Not only do they stay on top of trends but they can also become your biggest brand ambassadors!

7 Essential email banners to boost your business

3. The “straight from the horses mouth” banner

Establish credibility and trust with a case study.

Empty promises won’t get you anywhere. People want to hear from reliable sources that your product/service lives up to its promise. Use this opportunity to showcase these testimonials (in either written or video format) and drive traffic to your website.

7 Essential email banners to boost your business

4. The “lights, camera, action” banner

Let’s admit it, people have short attention spans.

Grab their attention with a short informative video. There’s no need to spend a fortune on the production of your video, with so many affordable and even free video software tools available. If a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how powerful your video will be!

7 Essential email banners to boost your business

5. The “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” banner

Keep your clients up to date with all your latest news.

Maybe your company won a big award, or you’re launching a new product that will rock the industry! Not only does this keep your clients informed, but also drives traffic to your website, which is always a bonus.

7 Essential email banners to boost your business

6. The “it’s that time of the year” banner

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Your competitors are doing it, so why aren’t you? Take advantage of promotional marketing opportunities presented by seasonal dates and see your sales soar.

7 Essential email banners to boost your business

7. The “because you’re worth it” banner

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

We’re sure you agree that client retention is just as important as acquisition. So show your clients just how much you appreciate their continued support by exclusively offering them something for free. A freebie every now and then will not only show loyal clients how much you care but will also help re-engage inactive clients.

7 Essential email banners to boost your business

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