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Hannah's Arms in Boomtown's hands

Abortion is legal in South Africa, and for many desperate young women who do not know that other options exist, this remains the only answer. Sometimes, when the babies are born new mothers without proper support simply cannot cope.

This is a problem Hannah's Arms works to solve, and to serve babies born into crisis focusing on their immediate physiological, psychological and emotional needs.

"A partner of ours told us of Hannah's Arm's work and mentioned it needed help to raise awareness about abandoned babies needed donations to cover running costs" commented Tim Jones, Boomtown creative group head. "Moved by their work, we spoke to the founders and were given a brief to get people talking about the issue. It needed to be hard-hitting without showing any infants."

The solution designed by the agency features a powerful visual which can be placed in hospitals or streets, offering mothers in despair who are thinking about abortion or abandonment the chance to reconsider.

Highlighted on TrendHunter, the number one website for uncovering breakthrough ideas as well as stimulating creativity highlighted the campaign recently commenting: "At first glance, the Hannah's Arms ad campaign sets a dark and depressing tone and for good reason. Yet people may raise their eyebrows when they notice the struggling women shot in the Hannah's Arms campaign holding tenderly onto trash bags full of garbage. Yet once the tag line is read, it all comes together to maintain the initial somber mood, 'No life should ever be thrown away.' These are no garbage bags at all, but babies made to look like trash."

See the adverts here:

Glen Meier, Boomtown coastal MD added: "Not only do we deliver results for commercial clients, but we want to deliver results for the NPOs in the communities we operate in. Being able to aid Hannah's Arms in its endeavours within Port Elizabeth is important to our corporate culture. With this campaign, although it is in its early stages we hope to see an awareness in this issue which effects cities across SA, and to see donations filter in to support Hannah's Arms work."

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