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Millennials vs not so millennials

For many industry practitioners, the most common complaint is described in one word - millennials.
Image credit: Diogo Nunes on Unsplash.

And what is it about our creative and decisive millennials that drive most a wee bit crazy?

"They are just not like us. Time management does not matter and the 'me, myself and I' attitude does not work for me."

Although a common generalisation – I have had the privilege of working with some mighty fine, dedicated and passionate millennials – who, in a heartbeat, I would raise the good commentary flag on.

So for the PR fledgelings, let me share three tactical secrets to win over the 'not so millennial.'

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By Michael Gullan 5 Sep 2019

Remember why you chose PR

If you are in it for the pretence of fame, think again. This industry is built for the passionate, dedicated souls who put in lengthy hours, beat themselves through many innovative concepts and relish as a team in results-driven outcomes.

Be humble and authentic to yourself and work

You will be amazed at how much can be achieved and how quickly your progress will be noticed as genuine team support.

Ask, ask and ask some more!

Never be afraid to call SOS. Nothing is more debilitating than not accepting help. Look at what works, then find your way of achieving results.
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About Prinella Pillay

Courtesy of over 21 years of successful experience in the media, PR and marketing industry, Prinella Pillay is a seasoned PR and Communications specialist. Priding herself in mapping innovative communication programmes and delivering results-driven brand messaging and development, she has effectively contributed to leading blue chip corporates within the FMCG, Retail, Motoring and Finance industries.

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