Michael Gullan

Managing Director and Founder at Gullan&Gullan Advertising
Location:South Africa


Michael Gullan is the Managing Director and founder of Gullan&Gullan Advertising. He has more than two decades experience at creating value for brands on client accounts from food and beverage, to cosmetics, mail order, medical, publishing and financial services. Contact Michael directly on moc.nallugdnanallug@leahcim or 011 887 6591.
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How a pandemic has shaped the future of business

While adjusting to a new way of working, businesses are embracing technology and employees are learning new skills, as they look at digital tools and platforms to stay connected and productive...

By Michael Gullan 4 Jun 2020

How brands can be there for at-home consumers

As the new normal sets in, people are spending less money on non-essential items like makeup and outdoor activities, and more time and money on consuming online media. It is important for marketers to understand this shift in consumer behaviour...

By Michael Gullan 13 May 2020

Enhancing brand value through advocacy campaigns

Brand advocacy is a powerful marketing channel at the intersection of e-learning, loyalty and incentives. Leading local and global brands are recognising its value and including brand advocacy in their strategies, with proven results...

By Michael Gullan, Issued by G&G Digital 6 Apr 2020

What the future of PR looks like

Public relations has changed considerably in the past few years and is presenting exciting times for business and brands...

By Michael Gullan 5 Sep 2019

Why businesses are shifting their training to digital

The world's most successful businesses constantly evolve through adopting modern techniques to upskill their employees. Does this mean the trusted tradition of long in-classroom presentations and training programmes are now defunct?...

By Michael Gullan, Issued by G&G Digital 10 Jul 2019

How CRM can add measurable value to your brand

Customer relationship marketing (CRM) is an important tool to help turn your marketing campaigns into a success. With this tool, repetitive tasks are automated, freeing up time for teams to engage with tasks, that are more demanding to meet business objectives...

By Michael Gullan 13 Jun 2019

Should you gamify your brand?

Gamification is a digital term that means bringing some of the mechanics and concepts of gaming into brand content. Foursquare is a good example of the use of gamification where users can earn badges and unlock specials by checking in. Gamification used for marketing brands usually involves incentivising users with rewards and exclusive offers, similar to traditional loyalty programmes.

By Michael Gullan 14 Sep 2012

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