When you grow taal you can grow taller

This year's Pendoring Awards proved to be an evening that showcased the talents of vibrant Joe Publicans and their brand partners - clients intent on producing content that is authentic, moving and meaningful...

Issued by Joe Public United 5 Nov 2018

#Pendoring2018: Lucky number 13

Thirteen is lucky for some and last night it was certainly Joe Public's lucky number. The agency dominated the Pendoring Awards, taking home 13 golds plus the Prestigious Umpetha Award...

By Danette Breitenbach 2 Nov 2018

#Pendoring2018: All the winners!

The 2018 Pendoring winners have been announced at a prestigious gala event that took place at the University of Johannesburg's Art Centre earlier this evening...

1 Nov 2018

Pendoring Awards announces 2018 finalists

The 2018 Pendoring Awards finalists have been announced...

8 Oct 2018

BizTrends 2019 is here!

2019 is almost here and with it your annual invitation to join BizTrends...

Issued by 27 Sep 2018

Creativity without limits has the potential to set new standards

Keldermeester Versameling labels earn Pendoring Award for Just Design...

Issued by Just Design 29 Nov 2017

7Films on their incredible 'story first' 2017

Production company 7Films lets us on their successful year on the overseas award track as well as the local recognition they received from the Loeries, where they ranked second best in the land for TV, film and video production; the Pendorings, where they were ranked third overall - including agencies, and more...

By Leigh Andrews 24 Nov 2017

#Pendoring2017: Praat met... The Odd Number

The Pendoring Awards' top-ranked The Odd Number shares why it's important for creatives and brands alike to talk to their target audience in a language they understand and feel...

By Leigh Andrews 24 Nov 2017

#Pendoring2017: Praat met... Black Khaki

The Pendoring Awards not only reward marketing communication in all of SA's indigenous languages apart from English, they've also created their own ranking. Here, joint fourth-ranked Black Khaki shares, "You don't have to be English, wear a three-piece suit, or have the old-school English tie to be creative..."

By Leigh Andrews 23 Nov 2017

#Pendoring2017: Praat met... Joe Public United

Here's why the Pendoring Awards' second-ranked Joe Public United believes Madiba's sentiment that when you speak to someone in their mother-tongue, you really do speak to their hearts.

By Leigh Andrews 22 Nov 2017

#Pendoring2017: Praat met... Abnormal Group

The Pendoring Awards not only reward marketing communication in all of SA's indigenous languages apart from English, they've also created their own ranking. I found out why fifth-ranked Abnormal Group believes brands need to realise the power of mother-tongue communication in preserving our heritage...

By Leigh Andrews 21 Nov 2017

#Pendoring2017: Official ranking of the winners and finalists!

With a total of 64 points, the Johannesburg based advertising agency The Odd Number, winner of the 2017 Pendoring Umpetha Award, has emerged at the top of this year's Pendoring ranking...

14 Nov 2017

Pendoring adoring Ogilvy's 'Silly Spender'

A Zulu television commercial about a woman wasting her money buying porcelain dogs was a big winner for MultiChoice DStv and Ogilvy Johannesburg at the 2017 Pendoring Awards...

Issued by Ogilvy & Mather 14 Nov 2017

#Pendoring2017: Lucky number two!

This year's main Pendoring winners are up-and-coming, relatively young agencies who are showing their mettle using local insights to create excellent, truly South African work...

By Danette Breitenbach 30 Oct 2017

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