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The value of a niche PR and digital marketing agency

We all feel it, it's been a challenging year and the outlook is looking uncertain. Businesses are critically reviewing budgets. But this is the time to sharpen your focus and partner with an expert who knows your market. Niche agencies have the ability to be more nimble in an evolving PR market, and offer clients scalable, focused and flexible models of service that delivers impactful PR, with a high return on investment.

In a Forbes 2018 PR trends piece, John Hall, co-founder of Influence and CO, describes PR as an indispensable tool for marketing, investor communications, recruiting and various other areas of the company. His point about choosing a specialist PR firm is particularly accurate, especially when it comes to technology, the pace of the industry evolving so fast that there isn’t time to waste.

Staying relevant and competitive

According to Media Update there has been a rise of niche industries, and more and more businesses are switching from ‘generalist’ to ‘specialist’ public relations professionals. This is the perfect time to choose a niche business to business PR agency because they know your industry and your clients. A niche agency will offer everything from strategy to implementation, digital marketing and lead generation. They will also provide the opportunity to leap beyond traditional efforts and to embrace digital in safe, expert hands.

They will manage the specialists in website design and auditing, SEO optimisation, keyword analysis, social media marketing and content creation, an integrated niche agency will make sure that you reach the right clients with the right messages.

By taking on brand custodianship, a niche agency can help you stay relevant and competitive and will ensure consistent, quality, targeted and valuable exposure along with the flexibility to adapt to shifts within the business, it’s products and solutions.

Finding the right agency for a business is about finding a partner that understands the industry and how to translate a business’s value simply and effectively.

Proven results in your business to business market is vital

DUO Marketing + Communications (DUO), founded in 2004, is a specialist tech PR and digital marketing agency with a mission to be the complete PR, marketing and digital partner to technology and telecommunications companies – in South Africa and across the African continent.

DUO really is a niche business to business agency and serve tech clients on all scales, from small to medium and large enterprises, such as Oracle, Vox and redPanda Software. Our client testimonials are proof that they surpass expectations and deliver true return on investment.

In a niche PR agency, industry knowledge is unrivaled. Working at DUO means that everyone has an in depth knowledge of what is going on in a particular industry. DUO’s industry knowledge and experience positions us as an expert in the technology industry, as we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Contact DUO Marketing + Communications today to find out how we can help you.

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