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Dig deep and 'lag' your way up that corporate ladder with Savanna Premium Cider

The end of the year is fast approaching, and every South African knows that it means drinks ne bozza yakho, and Siyavanna South Ahh mos. This also means that 13th cheque can come in handy and it is time to lag like your bonus depends on it. So it is time to 'lag' as hard as you can at all those boss jokes, all the way to that 13th cheque, and that corner office. Savanna Premium Cider has been serving up crisp, dry punchlines since forever, and this new Siyavanna Boss Jokes campaign is no different as it offers a witty perspective on bonus season in South Ahh!
Dig deep and 'lag' your way up that corporate ladder with Savanna Premium Cider

Consumers can get ready for some in-cider trading with funny man Mpho Popps, who will run a national trade, buy, and dial competition for consumers to stand a chance to win one of 10 Dezemba cash bonuses.

Whether you are choking from all the joking, crying, or really don’t know what is going on, start lagging your way up the corporate ladder and watch various characters come to life to try and land that bonus:

This campaign says Siyavanna, we get you, Benneton the repeater, Benson the crier, Karen the clueless and Clifford the choker, to name but a few. “Now and again, you think, oh no, is that me? Or, I have been there myself. It amplifies the crisp, witty perspective on the complexity of work relationships, especially between employee and boss," says Kayla Hendricks, Savanna senior brand manager.

"We are always looking for uniquely South African perspectives to land the brand's iconic crisp and witty humour in a fresh way. With this lovely insight (we've all fake-laughed at least once), we've managed to balance staying true to the brand's positioning, with timely relevance as we head into the last bit of the year and bonus season,” says Maxine Selmer-Olsen, strategist at Grey Advertising Africa.

Savanna Premium Cider, it's dry, but you can drink it.


Dig deep and 'lag' your way up that corporate ladder with Savanna Premium Cider

Savanna promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.

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About Savanna – "It's dry, but you can drink it."

Savanna is a premium, crisp apple cider with a distinctive dry taste. It is one of the largest cider brands in the world and is available in over 60 countries. Since its launch in 1996, Savanna Premium Cider has won consumers' hearts and funny bones with its intelligent, dry and witty sense of humour.

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