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Yashtech's Digital Marketing Bootcamp: A resounding success with new dates announced!

Yashtech is beyond thrilled to announce the resounding success of their Digital Marketing Bootcamp's debut in Durban and Sandton in July. With astounding enrolments and continuing interest, it's clear the event has generated a buzz among potential attendees. Due to such overwhelming demand and a bit of FOMO, Yashtech has decided to host more sessions in Durban and Sandton.
Yashtech's Digital Marketing Bootcamp: A resounding success with new dates announced!

While the pilot sessions were insightful, they also provided valuable lessons. Acknowledging feedback, the timing has been adjusted to a more manageable 8:30am to 4pm slot. Recognising that a five-day commitment can be challenging, attendees now have the flexibility to select specific days of attendance, ensuring minimal disruption to their work commitments.

The five-day Digital Marketing Bootcamp is designed to empower individuals like you with the practical skills and industry insights to excel in the ever-changing digital landscape. Our hands-on approach ensures that you not only gain theoretical knowledge but also the confidence to implement strategies that deliver real results.

Experiential marketing

The inaugural session wasn't just about learning; it was also an occasion for networking and camaraderie. Attendees shared moments of laughter, great food at top venues and formed lasting connections, with some even bonding over CrossFit sessions and dinner dates. We had participants flying in from different areas of Durban and Freestate. In an incredible turn of events, one attendee even landed a travel conference proposal for 2025 from a next-door conference, a testament to being in the right place at the right time, and completed and ready to submit to the client with a helping hand from ChatGPT.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all our participants for their unwavering enthusiasm and commitment throughout the workshop. Your incredible growth and progress are truly inspiring, and we're honoured to have been a part of your digital marketing journey.

Whether you're a stay-at-home parent, a student, a dropout, a school leaver, a marketer, or a business owner, this programme caters to all backgrounds and aspirations. We believe in keeping things simple, with no unnecessary jargon or abstract concepts. Our aim is to equip you with the tools you need to succeed in the digital world, while making the learning process fun and creative!

This course promises more than just digital marketing insights. It's an opportunity to elevate your professional profile without the hassles of coding or the chaos of self-learning on platforms like YouTube. Our structured, step-by-step approach ensures you benefit from our expertise, saving you from potential pitfalls. We've charted the course, so you can embark on the journey with confidence.

Mark your calendars, as due to popular demand, we have upcoming intakes scheduled for 14–18 August, 2–6 October and 18–22 December.

For those who are feeling the FOMO and given the overwhelming demand, there's some lekker news! Additional course dates have been set in Durban: 14–18 August | Sandton: 2-8 October and 18-22 December. Don't miss out again – best to book early and secure a spot! However, if these dates still don't suit or if one prefers one-on-one coaching, just have a chat with us.

And for the skeptics, those feeling doubtful, there's ample support in place. They've got 21 days to dive in and apply what they've learnt. Plus, there's a two-hour group call for any burning questions. And they won't be going it alone – they'll be part of an exclusive WhatsApp and Facebook group, connecting with fellow participants to share insights and experiences. With such a strong support system, success isn't just possible; it's inevitable.

But don't just take our word for it, read what our latest digital marketing bootcamp attendees are saying:

"Clara Mufandaedza: The Digital Bootcamp has given so much confidence to apply my social media/digital skills. I have learnt so many applications that will help me with video posts, scheduling, the real insder of the game - all areas I struggled with, right down to AI hacks. Thank you Sunil, I will be a boffin at the end of the Bootcamp."

"Maureen Vermaak: I have done the 5 Day Digital Marketing Boot Camp. Wow is what I can say! Money Well Spend! I have learned a lot of new things. I knew the basics already BUT at this course we went into the core of Marketing. So many things that I learned. I left with a lot of Knowledge and what is nice of Yashtech is the 21 Day after-support we get. So we are not left alone after the 5days."

"Neelofar Mayet : Super easy to follow and LOTS of information to digest. Many tools, tips and tricks given by Sunil. As a facilitator he's patient, helpful and very knowledgeable!"

"Thapilo Yingwane: Whether you are a professional looking to refresh your mind or newbie in the digital marketing space, I would definitely recommend this course for you. Great insights and tips on how to make your mark. Thank you Sunil��������"

"Jane Mbhele: I recently met Sunil at the DUT social entrepreneurship program for a digital marketing session and my businesses marketing and my contents will never be the same. God bless you Sunil. ������♥️♥️♥️������������"

"Judy Moore - Day 1 of Bootcamp done and dusted. Learnt sooo much and had fun at the same time. Thank you Sunil...super inspiring and so practical too...making it easy to implement. Can't wait for day 2!"

And if this still doesn’t convince you, then check out our ratings on our Facebook page (50 five-star reviews) and Google (80 five-star reviews).

How it works

This is a hybrid programme, you will also have unlimited Zoom support calls (15 minute sessions). Dedicated WhatsApp and Facebook groups. You will receive all the recordings, training materials, and templates.

  • Five days in the class: Intense and comprehensive. 8:30am to 4pm. Plenty of breaks.
  • 21 days online lessons: 60- to 90-minute lessons a day. On Zoom. All lessons are recorded.
  • Two hours accountability: Two hours of group coaching and accountability per month for 12 months. To ensure you follow through the programme.

Book now

Book the entire five-day programme:

  • Durban, 14-18 August – Final call
  • Sandton, 2–6 October

  • Sandton, 18–22 December

Book the online programme only

  • Online sessions only - anywhere in the world

Book individual days of your choice

  • Wordpress & E-commerce (Day 2)

    • Durban, 15 August, Wordpress & E-commerce (Day 2)
    • Sandton, 3 October, Wordpress & E-commerce (Day 2)

  • Social Media (Day 3)

    • Durban, 16 August, Social Media (Day 3)
    • Sandton, 4 October, Social Media (Day 3)

  • Paid ads - Facebook & Google (Day 4)

    • Durban, 17 August, Paid Ads Facebook & Google (Day 4)

    • Sandton, 5 October, Paid Ads Facebook & Google (Day 4)

If you can’t make the five-day face-to-face sessions, you can now book individual days, or you can enrol for the online lessons only and learn from anywhere in the world.

Contact: Sunil Sewpersadh
Company name: Yashtech Consulting
Telephone number: 0817146525
Email address: az.oc.hcethsay@ofni

To book:

Bonuses for booking this course:

Bonus 1: Exclusive to this course only! The Book "Pixels and Cookies" by Sunil Sewpersadh.

Receive a complimentary copy of the must-read book "Pixels and Cookies" authored by Sunil Sewpersadh himself. This insightful guide delves into the art of digital marketing and will serve as your trusted companion on your journey to success.

Bonus 2: Content creation on steroids using ChatGPT

Unleash the power of AI with our cutting-edge bonus on content creation using ChatGPT. Learn how to harness the potential of AI technology to create captivating and compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

Bonus 3: Social media fast start online course

Get a headstart in the social media realm with our fast-paced online course. In just one hour a day for five days, you'll master the art of setting up your social media presence efficiently, or opt for an intensive one-day course where you'll achieve the same results in just five hours. Save time and supercharge your social media strategy!

About the trainer:

Sunil Sewpersadh is an astute digital marketing specialist who heads up Yashtech Consulting.

Yashtech Consulting has dominated the international digital space for over two decades, acquiring a reputation for combining cutting-edge innovation with strategy, design, marketing and digital acumen. We deliver tailor-made digital solutions to start-ups and to small and medium-sized enterprises, helping expand their online footprint via the correct digital channels, thereby attracting new business and increasing turnover.

Sunil has been training brands, businesses, and individuals since 2002, some of which include Sunil Sewpersadh is an astute digital marketing specialist. He is a sought-after digital virtuoso with more than 21 years’ experience in design, development, mobile, UX, online advertising, social media, search, online reputation management and training. He has coached and guided global companies in all industries in creating digital strategies designed to cut through the clutter so brands are able to meaningfully connect with their target audiences. Sunil has his finger on the pulse of latest digital trends and has collaborated with top companies such as ActionCOACH, Aspen Pharma, Bentley, Builders Warehouse, Clearance Warehouse, Coca-Cola, Hatfield Christian School, MasterBuilders, MTN Radio Awards, Silica, Sports Nation, The Gautrain, The RMI, WeBuyFurniture, Wheelchair BasketBall SA and many top influencers and celebrities. Sunil is a people’s person whose ultimate goal is to inspire, empower and educate businesses. “When you understand the digital environment, you will reduce costs, save time and maximise your online spend, conversions and reach.”

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