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Let's #DoBizZA this September

Recent months of lockdown have seen the importance of supporting locally-made products, services and neighbourhood enterprises in order for economies to survive and thrive.
Let's #DoBizZA this September

This September, we invite you to make possible our editorial spotlight on all things local in the #DoBizZA Content Feature - celebrating companies doing Biz and manufacturing locally in sectors such as food, FMCG, clothing, and appliances, tech services, exports, entrepreneurship, IT, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, marketing and media and more…

Business has been tough for the past few months. Even sectors lucky enough to be buoyant through the pandemic have not escaped the impact on livelihoods, technology and teams. Many have pivoted and adapted, many have been leading, many reaching out in solidarity to those less fortunate.

The #DoBizZA Content Feature sponsorship allows your organisation to be seen supporting local, homemade and homegrown heroes from learner to leader, across 19 sectors on Biz, in the month-long celebration of all things local.

Examples of companies making it possible

In June 2020, Saica (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) and the Thuthuka Bursary Fund made possible a celebration of Youth Month on Biz, garnering them an average of 160,000 frontpage impressions, 20,000 articles impressions and 5,000 Special Section views while being seen to support the important cause of youth empowerment in the SA financial accounting sector.

At first glance, Heineken SA might seem an unlikely sponsor for Women’s Month, yet the brand has come to the table, aligning new measures for the alcohol industry to clean up its image with regard to issues such as #GBV (gender-based violence), by making possible a month of showcasing and celebrating the achievements of SA’s successful females in the business-to-business space.

Align your brand purpose with forthcoming Content Features

    ○ #DoBizZA: September is going to be big on Biz, as our editorial team spotlights local, homemade and homegrown ZA Biz heroes across 19 sectors. Make it possible

#ConsciousLiving: October will bring the opportunity to align your company or brand with all the ‘abilities’ - sustainability, accountability, responsibility and credibility - how we consume, eat, wear, our media diet and pursuits - across 19 sectors. Make it possible

#EmployerBranding and #EmployeeWellness: November - As everything changes in the world of work, we focus on how companies are going to continue to attract, nurture, manage and motivate teams in the age of lockdown, working from home, Cello and Zoom! You can’t get more topical or relevant. Make it possible

#BestofBiz: December - Sponsorship of this beautifully-curated Content Feature - the top 20 most-read articles of the year, top 20 most read contributors and top 20 most read company news articles across 19 industry sectors - is up for grabs, designed as an end-of-year holiday overview of the year. Make it possible

#EvolutionofWork: December 2020-January 2021 - Start the year empowered with everything you need to know about the changing world of work in our region, curated by our editors from recruiter industry experts across 19 sectors. Make it possible

#BizTrends2021: January 2020 (starts now) - Nobody predicted 2020 and 2021 is still anybody’s guess. Align your brand with this first-to-market and most exciting trend opportunity on the continent, as over 200 thought leaders across 19 industry sectors in Africa take on the future. Make it possible

Biz Content Features put your organisation on the frontpage to 490,000 readers - what you get:

  • Your logo on the top story image of each Content Feature article
  • Your logo in industry newsletter Content Feature box
  • Your logo on a run-of-site right-hand margin newsfeed
  • Your link via all social sharing platforms
  • Special Section branding for one year
  • Your branded contributor article

Contact moc.ytinummoczib@selas or call 0860 812 000 for a tailored proposal or see more great sponsorship options on our rate card to lay claim to your Biz Content Feature or Industry Portal sponsorship.
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