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NMPi in SA-first partnership with global product feeds specialist, Feedonomics

IncuBeta Group, through its specialist digital marketing agency, NMPi, has launched a shopping feeds optimisation service together with global product feeds platform specialist, Feedonomics. The partnership, the first of its kind in the South African market, will allow NMPi to offer both its local and global clients an optimisation service to create dynamically responsive digital marketing campaigns that deliver significantly better returns.
Andrew Smit
Andrew Smit
Data feeds contain information that helps platforms such as Google and Facebook, determine information about the products as well as when and where to show digital ads. The more relevant the product information is to a user’s search, the more likely Google or Facebook will show the ads – increasing the chance that someone searching for a company’s product will find it and make the purchase.

“Feed optimisation is one of the more complex aspects of setting up and managing a digital sales campaign. This is especially true for e-commerce organisations that offer sizeable inventories, like retailers, travel companies and even real estate agencies, explains Andrew Smit, NMPi’s head of data solutions. “Working closely with Feedonomics has already delivered exceptional results to our international clients and we are seeing solid interest from our South African clients as well.”

Poorly managed product data feeds can affect an organisation’s listing on the main platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Inconsistencies can leave buyers and suppliers unsure of available inventory and pricing and can even cause Google to pause ads. For any organisation relying on e-commerce channels, this can have dire consequences – most especially for those making use of Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Feedonomics has a native integration into the main CMS platforms such as Salesforce, Commerce Cloud, Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. However, the partnership means NMPi can also work with customised CMSes to extract the product data, which is especially useful for larger clients.

“Retailers often have a set-it and forget approach for feed optimisation, and we are really excited to partner with NMPi, which recognises the importance of testing and improving product data for better relevancy and performance,” says Brian Roizen, Chief Architect and Cofounder of Feedonomics.

The NMPi team has already done extensive work with Feedonomics for its international clients, with some digital retailers managing inventories with hundreds of thousands of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

“Feed agility can give a retailer a serious edge in a competitive online landscape. For the larger websites the feeds can be updated a few times each day. In fact, this can happen as frequently as every 10 minutes, which allows retail sites to run specials that can be dynamically managed in real time, responding to user interest as well as what their competitors are doing,” Smit explains.

About IncuBeta

IncuBeta, through its brands, NMPi, DQ&A and Joystick, is a global integrated data, performance marketing, digital media, creative and technology group.

Since its inception in 1995 the group has expanded rapidly, acquiring several digital and media companies including Clicks2Customers in 2011, as well as UK-based NetMediaPlanet. It acquired global technology specialist, DQ&A, in 2015 and international digital creative specialist, Joystick, in 2018. The IncuBeta Group has access to over 400 digital marketing experts in 13 markets across five continents.

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