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Fit to fight cyber crime one password at a time

SABRIC have played an integral part in educating South Africans about cyber security. There is no greater time in history where cyber security has ever been this important. With cyber security month in October, SABRIC needed a campaign that would really pack a punch, cut through the noise on social media and make South Africans stronger in their fight against cyber crime.
Fit to fight cyber crime one password at a time

A fighting chance

Cyber criminals will always find the path of least resistance, and password security remains a major soft spot. Alarming stats report that two in five people will have their passwords stolen and private accounts subsequently hacked. Because cyber crime is so widespread in its attempts, we figured a focused campaign around this specific detail would be easier for our audience to action.

Drop and gimme 15 (characters)

Physical fitness is a trending topic for all South Africans. In a world where everybody is online, we wanted to make cyber security as important as looking after your physical strength – after all, we live online. So we manifested the physical online with the help of a sassy password drill sergeant. This way we were able to grab the attention of an audience that are somewhat unresponsive to serious content, and at the same time, help whip our online community into immediate action.

Getting cyber strong

We developed an interactive microsite here:, where online users could test the strength of their password as well as get coached on how to create strong passwords – in real time. The best part is, users could watch a physical representation of how their weak passwords transformed into bone-crushing thugs, strong enough to fight off cyber crime. Once users had created a password that was strong enough, they could challenge a friend on social media to test their passwords too – thereby creating a fun cycle of shares and likes all carrying a very important underlying message of password safety.


Engaging online content is all about leveraging the reward-driven power of interactive media. Simply put, our password tester would reward users with immediate results in exchange for their engagement with the site. With the added bonus of a chuckle or two and strategic media planning, our campaign message reached over a million users with a dwell time of 1:30 minutes. For such a heavy topic as cyber security, we were pushing some strong numbers and are proud of our contribution to the fight against cyber crime.

Go on, get cyber strong and test your password strength here:

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