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Bizcommunity and #MEX to mine the SA creative economy

Readers and advertisers can expect big names, big deals and big opportunities as Bizcommunity and Music Exchange #MEX present exclusive features mining the creative economy. The regular weekly column puts the spotlight on the South African entertainment economy, with content that educates, enables and connects more players in the industry to value and leverage opportunities in the music and entertainment economy.
Bizcommunity and #MEX to mine the SA creative economy

Africa, specifically South Africa, is lucky to have an abundance of natural, agricultural and mineral resources, but when it comes to sustainable sources, we may well be overlooking the deepest stream of largely untapped revenue in human resources and talent capital - namely the creative entertainment economy.

In 2021, the US music industry was estimated to be worth $25.9bn. Converted to Rands, this figure equates to a respectable R427bn, surprisingly almost twice that of SA’s total estimated mining resources, which contributes R219.5bn ($12.8bn) to South Africa’s Gross Domestic Product according to 2021 GDP estimates.

With the above evidence of the real returns on investment, job creation and revenue locked in our human capital, Bizcommunity is proud to announce a content partnership with SA music industry’s mentor and doyen Martin Myers, founder of Music Exchange.

Readers and advertisers can expect big names, big deals and big opportunities as Bizcommunity and #MEX present weekly music interviews and opinion, cultural trend guides, what’s out there, who’s hot, who to watch, who’s investing, who’s making it, who’s on the radar, with an emphasis on the SA music and spoken word industries.

The regular weekly column will aim to empower the SA entertainment economy, with content that educates, enables and connects more players in the industry to be able to see value and leverage opportunities in the music and entertainment economy.

Who’s who of the music industry on speed dial

With decades of experience in the promotional side of the music industry, leading local and global artists, bands, industry stakeholders and media on speed dial and a regular podcast offering, MEX founder Martin Myers is the ideal addition to the BizLifestyle content mix.

South Africa’s entertainment and media market exceeded 2019 pre-Covid levels with a total industry spend of R163 billion, representing 15.4% yearly growth” -

Evan-Lee Courie, former Biz Marketing & Media and Biz Entrepreneurship editor takes on this exciting new portfolio, centred around the vital touchpoints of Lifestyle and Education economies, as well as the editorship of Biz Press Office Newsrooms.

About BizLifestyle Portal

Bizcommunity’s Lifestyle offering was established about 15 years ago as light relief from the seriousness of business-business content - like the back page of the newspaper, the place to kick back - for gaming, film, restaurant, dance and theatre news and reviews.

Overall, the vast entertainment and media ecosystem is growing more rapidly than the global economy as a whole.

Global cultural landscapes and current market conditions make it even more essential to leverage the vital revenue stream and real business potential of the arts, as employment and post-Covid economic drivers and a sector ripe for a massive growth trajectory.

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The latest analysis in key African economies reveals … the entertainment and media industry is a considerable economic driver in many African countries.

Visit MEX Special Section for all Music Exchange content and get in touch for sponsorship opportunities in this vital sector.

About Martin Myers

Myers’s career began running UCT Radio at the University of Cape Town in 1985. His big break came when he organised a gig for the legendary Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse at UCT, a personal and professional relationship which had endured for 35 years. Together they have worked on projects such as the 46664 Mandela Day concert in New York in July 2009, Baxter Theatre and Soweto Theatre shows. Sipho’s 70th birthday saw him on the cover of the Dec Jan 2021 /2022 issue of GQ South Africa.

Myers was BMG/ Sony Music’s Cape Town publicist for 16 years, working closely with local and international acts, including Vusi Mahlasela, BLK Sonshine, Shayne Ward, Just Jinger, SSQ and John Legend, amongst many more local and international artists.

He was a partner in SMD Technical, which he helped build up over 15 years and co-founded Crew U, hosting parties and events of legendary glitz and glamour including Sol Kerzner’s annual New Year’s Eve parties, DJing for Elton John, hundreds of weddings, corporate parties and events. He has also curated music for prestigious fashion shows - The Good Hope Designer Collections, the Nederburg Fashion Show, the Smirnoff International, the J&B Met Best-Dressed Couple and the Miss Namibia pageant for over 21 years, with Mary Reynolds, Conny Maritz and JP Willson.

About the #MEX Conference

In 2009, Martin Myers founded Music Exchange (#MEX), a non-profit body which organises an annual music conference and monthly masterclasses designed to empower people in the music industry, especially young artists, with the knowledge necessary to turn their passion into a sustainable livelihood.

Music Exchange, recognised as South Africa’s leading independent music conference, has grown significantly and now hosts regular workshops throughout the year, along with leading figures from the world of music.

Now in its 12th year, the conference is held annually in November and has, over the years, brought many highly respected international speakers to Cape Town. World music leaders include Charles Goldstuck, and Dr Trevor Jones, who Martin manages in South Africa, Trevor is one of the world’s top film composers based in Hollywood and London. From Australia, Stuart Rubin (former Head of Marketing for BMG) and David Vodika (Chairman of Rubber Records Australia;); and, in 2014, from Germany, Tim Renner, the Minister for Culture for Berlin, and from the United States, Mos Def. In 2015 #MEX hosted Bryan Michael Cox, the nine-time Grammy winner, and Brandon Bakshi, Head of BMI London. Two major international songwriting camps have also been held.

The conference is a meeting of minds and strategic advice and direction regarding talks and masterclasses come from my mentors who help guide the conversation on relevant topics with the express purpose of achieving attainable outcomes for artists, people like Jason Curtis, Lesley Wells, Arthur Goldstuck, Moreira Chonguica, Neill Johnson, John Fishlock and Stephen Werner and Jarrod Aston always have sage input to shape topics.

Martin currently manages RJ Benjamin, Siphokazi Jonas, and Dr Trevor Jones’ work in South Africa and Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse and consults with various artists, especially within the Western Cape.
Twitter: @martinmyers @musicexchange
Email: moc.liamg@sreymtram
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