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C.S.A. forms content partnership between The Wire and Independent Media

Talent and communications agency Celebrity Services Africa (C.S.A.) today announced a content partnership between its online entertainment portal The Wire and Independent Media.
Through music, fashion, art, urban culture, and sport-specific content, The Wire brings the curious 'always-on' millennial a rare insight into the constant evolution of Africa’s creative landscape, while also highlighting trends and talent across the entertainment industry.

An ongoing series of articles from The Wire will be published in Independent Media’s print publications including the Cape Times and Cape Argus, as well as IOL online. In 2017, readers enjoyed a number of interviews from The Wire, which also included features on some of Africa’s next generation influencers, selected from C.S.A.’s quarterly influencer report, On the Radar.

“We live in a period marked by collaboration. Never before have we seen such a dynamic interaction in the creation, sharing and marketing of content and products. Integrated partnerships such as this are the future for any successful business in the digital landscape,” says C.S.A. director Davin Phillips.

“It’s an exciting time, where brands can equally benefit from each other’s strengths. In this instance, The Wire benefits from an extended readership, while sharing one-of-a-kind content with Independent, for the sake of a common goal: to give African artists exposure and a larger voice.”

The content partnership aligns with C.S.A.’s broader creative strategy to help grow the African entertainment and media marketplace.
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