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Woolies in design row

NEWSWATCH: Woolworths and a Cape Town designer are at each other over the ownership of a hummingbird design printed on a cushion, reports IOL, and Mail & Guardian reports that City Press editor Ferial Haffajee is on leave following a race row at the paper. Back at IOL's Business Report, Jason Xenopoulos says he's bored... 'Really, really bored.'

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  • IOL: Internet humming over Woolies design row... For those of you who might not be that familiar with our little avian friend, we've included a picture of a hummingbird... at the hover, about to Hoover up some nectar.

    Humming Bird with tongue still visible from feeding. (Image: Gszrir, via Wikimedia Commons)
    Humming Bird with tongue still visible from feeding. (Image: Gszrir, via Wikimedia Commons)

    As you will see when checking out the images accompanying the source article, hummingbirds all hover in pretty much the same way; trying a different way would probably see them doing anything but hover - flying, or crashing, for instance - so one hummingbird at the hover looks pretty much like another at the hover.

    In any event, however, designer Euodia Roets has accused Woolies of copying her design of a hummingbird, but the company says the design was signed off long before it - Woolies - had had any contact with Roets.

    There must be some at Woolies who will be hoping that this does not end up as a repeat of the tussle the company had with Frankie's Olde Soft Drink Company last year.

  • Mail & Guardian: City Press editor takes leave amid racism furore... City Press editor Ferial Haffajee is reported to have taken leave after a week in which claims of racism rocked the newspaper and Mail & Guardian reports that on Friday, "a group of journalists at the publication reportedly threatened laying criminal charges against Haffajee after they accused her of racism."

    Apparently, amongst other "sins", she was accused of failing to "appoint a senior black news editor with political contacts to help tell stories from 'a black perspective'."

  • IOL: The quest to produce meaningful media... Jason Xenopoulos, writing in Business Report, says he's bored... "Really, really bored."

    Oh well, there's always the excitement of hummingbirds or accusations of racism to banish the boredom, though it's probably safe to say many people in such situations would rather be bored than going through what some reckon to be what the Chinese refer to as "living in interesting times."

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