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Khaya Sitholw on the ANC not losing power.

Khaya Sitholw on the ANC not losing power.

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    ARB verdict: Cadbury campaign is a glass and a half full of triumph

    The Advertising Regulatory Board's Directorate (ARB) has addressed a recent complaint against Mondelez South Africa's Cadbury advertising. The complaint raises questions about the portrayal of the iconic "glass and a half" slogan in Cadbury's recent television commercials.

    The advert in question depicts heartwarming scenes – a father-son moment and a generous taxi driver receiving a Cadbury chocolate bar as a token of gratitude. The overarching theme is tied together with the tagline, "There's a glass and a half in everyone."

    The complainant argues that the current ads deviate from Cadbury's original claim of containing a "glass and a half of milk" in every 200g bar, presenting a potential case of misleading advertising.


    In response, the advertiser contends that the current slogan embodies the brand's commitment to generosity, emphasising that it is not a direct reference to the milk content but rather a call to inspire small acts with significant emotional impact.

    The ARB, in its evaluation, focused on Clause 4.2.1 of the Code of Advertising Practice, which prohibits advertisements from containing statements that are likely to mislead consumers.

    The directorate determined that the intention behind the new Cadbury campaign is to convey a narrative of generosity associated with the "glass and a half" legacy. The ads do not explicitly mention the size or contents of the chocolate bar, steering clear of making claims about the presence of milk.


    While acknowledging the historical connection between the "glass and a half" claim and the milk content of specific-sized bars, the directorate emphasises that the current ads aim to leverage the legacy brand promise to create a new narrative centered around acts of generosity. There is no explicit mention of actual milk, and the focus is on the concept of sharing Cadbury chocolate as an act of kindness.

    The ARB concludes that, despite the potential for confusion based on historical associations, the message in the new commercials is sufficiently clear. The emphasis is on the act of sharing a Cadbury chocolate bar as a gesture of generosity, and the "glass and a half" slogan is linked to this sense of giving rather than the literal milk content.

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