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Unlocking the power of promotional trade marketing: A data-driven approach

In the age of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook (the list goes on and on…) digital channels often steal the spotlight and take priority. One strategy remains a cornerstone for influencing consumer behavior: promotional trade marketing.
Unlocking the power of promotional trade marketing: A data-driven approach

According to a report by Event Marketing Institute (EMI), over 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after participating in an in-person promotional event.

This statistic begs two questions:

  1. With such influence why is promotional trade marketing often left the last bits of brands marketing budgets?

  2. Wouldn’t it be magic if below-the-line brand activations provided you with live on the ground data analytics and insights that your digital campaign strategies can’t?

Field marketing: A vital touchpoint in your consumer journey

Traditionally, below-the-line marketing offered direct engagement strategies, bringing a personalized touch in an era dominated by mass media like television and print. However, the emergence of digital marketing has opened up a world of targeted online campaigns, driven by data analytics and real-time optimisation.

The post-covid need for connection boosted In-store promotions and as a result has made it retain its relevance, making it a vital touchpoint in the consumer journey. The tale as old as time still stands; The physical presence of a brand, coupled with face-to-face interactions, holds immense sway over consumer decisions, especially at the point of purchase.

You might be wondering: Okay…but how can we enhance and evolve trade marketing in today's competitive digital landscape?

We can do this by obtaining real-time in the field, on the ground data that allows marketers to tailor strategies to individual stores, regions and demographics. This agile approach not only:

  • Improves ROI
  • Informs broader brand strategies
  • Aligns in-store efforts with Overarching marketing objectives

But it also enhances your other above and through-the-line marketing efforts.

In South Africa the need for data-driven trade marketing is particularly pronounced due to its size and disparity. According to the Marketing To The South African Consumer white paper from the UCT Liberty Institute of Strategic Marketing, there is huge importance in creating region-specific strategies in driving consumer engagement and brand loyalty. By harnessing real-time consumer insights, brands can adapt their tactics to local preferences, demographics and market conditions that are region-specific, thus enhancing their competitive edge.

You’re probably thinking… get to the point already!

Okay, we’ll spill the tea. Our top tool of choice is - Promoforce. A Proprietary Trade Marketing Management software platform. PromoForce empowers brands to unlock operational efficiencies and optimise campaign performance in real time. This powerful data-driven tool provides brands with visibility into consumer engagements at the store level, enabling informed decision-making and agile campaign adjustments. It makes managing multiple brand ambassadors and campaigns across South Africa effective.

Personalisation is now achievable at scale, by marrying digital capabilities with in-store activations. Brands can create seamless omnichannel experiences that resonate with consumers at every touchpoint. The platform's ability to deliver actionable insights not only enhances in-store performance but also informs broader marketing strategies, driving long-term brand growth and profitability.

Digital platforms have reshaped marketing strategies but the importance of in-person promotions at the point of sale cannot be overstated. In fact, this is where consumer intent to purchase is at its peak, making it a crucial battleground for brands. When combining in-person promotions with live on the ground digital insights, using Promoforce, brands have the tools they need to harness the full potential of promotional trade marketing in today's dynamic marketplace.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how PromoForce can elevate your trade marketing strategy and drive sustainable growth for your brand.

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