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Tradeway Promotions enhances KZN capabilities with regional CEO, Noxie Ntsoane
When it comes to below-the-line brand activations and promotions, a national agency is only as good as its strength in each and any region. In pursuit of ensuring Tradeway is the leading agency in each of South Africa's three major economic hubs, we are strengthening our operational expertise with executive appointments of senior stakeholders in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. 11 Aug 2023 Read more

4 alcohol consumption trends moving the market
Between flavour exploration, an explosion of local boutique brands, premiumisation, and health-conscious options, consumers of alcohol are spoilt for choice. Understanding what motivates consumers at point of sale - in-store, online or on-consumption - is key to building effective promotional marketing strategies in an increasingly competitive market. Leveraging the expertise of an experienced promotional agency can help you create experiences that resonate with consumer buyer behaviour to maximise market share and sales. 6 Mar 2023 Read more

Activate the power of partnerships: How to maximise value with your promotions agency
Corporate marketing ecosystems are complex. Large internal teams spanning brand, digital, trade and public relations (the list goes on!) are supported by a network of supplier marketing agencies - who all, in turn, have their own networks of partners and suppliers (collectively this is "the channel"). 31 Jan 2023 Read more

Don't be a (m)all flower | The Great Retail Revival and why mall activations have never been more relevant
E-commerce has never been easier, safer, or more convenient. But, as it turns out, us humans haven't gone full cyborg, yet. We love connecting over real-life shared experiences. And shoppers, starved of everyday opportunities to connect during the pandemic are making up for lost time in SA's malls in a big way. It's time for brands to follow suit. Stop being a wall flower on supermarket shelves. Get back into the forecourts of malls and forefronts of consumers' minds with experiential events and brand activations. 15 Nov 2022 Read more

7 global trends impacting FMCG locally - plus some trade secrets to boost sales in 2023 and beyond!
Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) contribute R1tn to South Africa's annual gross domestic product (roughly 20% of economic production) and employs 2.5 million people (or 16% of the country's total formal labour force). But this robust sector isn't immune from disruptive innovation and evolving consumer behaviour. 6 Oct 2022 Read more

10 banking trends in South Africa shaking up the future of below-the-line marketing
The term 'trends' is certainly not something new to the world of below-the-line marketing or consumer promotions in general. After all, this has been a longstanding buzzword that touches just about every factor of life to some degree or another. And you guessed it, that most certainly includes the banking industry in South Africa. 8 Apr 2022 Read more

Lead with human-to-human marketing in 2022
Over the past two years, the world has undergone some immense changes. As a society, we've experienced lockdowns and isolation, had the option to shop in-store stripped away and been deprived of attending countless in-person events. 25 Feb 2022 Read more

Retail apocalypse? No way, SA!
Buying online may be convenient, but most local shoppers still prefer hitting the malls. 3 Dec 2021 Read more

We are vac-in business!
Get in touch with us today and let's discuss how we could add a new perspective to your marketing plans whilst remaining safe and compliant! 12 Nov 2021 Read more

Promotions and activations: A brave (not so) new world lockdown Level 2
Do yourself a favour and take a drive through your nearest township or city centre today. Check out the throngs of people in the shopping malls, cruise past the bustling taxi ranks, bus terminuses and informal traders. See those queues of shoppers masked up, socially distanced and sanitised to within an inch of their lives outside the local Shoprite, Checkers and Woolies? It's business as usual on the streets of SA. 1 Sep 2020 Read more

Immersive brand experiences
As technology intensifies and competition proliferates, customers are demanding more bespoke and engaging interactions to give a brand the attention it warrants. 4 Sep 2016 Read more

Why all marketing should be experiential
While many businesses are including experiential marketing campaigns into their strategies, the brands that wholeheartedly take advantage of experiences as a core aspect of their businesses are benefitting most. With the real focus of any activation being the consumer, in-person events are a natural progression away from interruption-based tactics and towards editorially driven material. 2 Sep 2016 Read more

Using a flash mob to create brand awareness
The why

While activations can and do take place anywhere and in just about any form, often all you need is a spontaneous song and dance to turn your frown upside down.
 29 Aug 2016 Read more

Are you ready for experiential marketing?
Humans are odd little creatures, don't you think? We buy products in the hope that they will make us happy, boost our confidence, give us a feeling of satisfaction, or fit in better. Why else would we flash logos on the outside of products? Predictably, though, the serotonin-induced thrill of the new fades away. The feelings of expectation and exhilaration we felt at the moment of purchase are soon spurned by our frontal cortex. We can't help it! It's part of what makes us human. The good news for marketers, though, is that even the most jaded shopper can be influenced by the power of an experience. 25 Aug 2016 Read more

Benefit from brand ambassadors
Experiential marketing is an astoundingly influential new way for marketers to enhance relations between the consumer and your brand at all phases of the sales process. 26 Jul 2016 Read more

Short term sales spaces
Pop goes the world

You never know where your brand could pop up next! Short-term, temporary retail leases - or pop-up shops to you and me - have grown 16% annually since 2009 according to a recent Specialty Retail Report and is a thriving $8bn industry in the United States. Even online gig brands like Amazon and Google have experimented with pop-up shops to promote new products.
 19 Jul 2016 Read more

Cost-effective experiential solutions to boost your brand
By now the good news of experiential marketing has reached you and you are sure to be interested in the positive returns it offers. In many instances, companies have discovered that they just don't have the budget to support their new found interest in experiential marketing, but is that really true? By design, experiential marketing is all about creating an experience that is memorable for your customers. There's no rule book that says the experience has to cost you a fortune and if you're willing to get creative, there's most certainly a cost effective experiential solution just waiting to boost your brand. 28 Jun 2016 Read more

Nurture attention into engagement with experiential marketing - Create the real customer experience
Have you ever heard the quip "I'm too poor to even pay attention"? That would certainly be a shame in the marketing world in this day and age, as attention these days is quite frankly considered to be currency! Without attention, a business and product simply cannot thrive. With the right attention however, you can see your business, product and brand soar to new heights. How do you get the right type of attention? You do this by creating an experience that doesn't just draw attention, but nurtures the type of engagement that is good for your business, as much as it is good for your consumers. 22 Jun 2016 Read more

Top reasons you should be implementing experiential marketing
Traditional advertising has had its day. In fact, it still works rather well for many companies, but there's a new kid on the block and it's high time everyone gave it some attention! Who's the new kid? It's experiential marketing. While this type of interactive and highly personalised marketing strategy wows the rest of the world, you might be lagging behind a little. Still haven't found a reason to use experiential marketing in your advertising campaign/strategy? 17 Jun 2016 Read more

Michelle Storey
Take a moment to think about the top brands that you consume - what tech you prefer to purchase, what cars you hold in high regard, even the grocery stores you choose to shop at - and ask yourself how you came to value them. The answer lies in a process known as brand activation, the different elements of which I will explore in this article. 24 May 2016 Read more

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