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Is everyone a social media specialist? Unpopular opinion by a head social media specialist

Welcome to the era of digital dominance, where social media reigns supreme as our gateway to the world. We're all in on the scroll, the share, and the meme as we navigate the digital landscape on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, Tik Tok and LinkedIn. But amidst this social media frenzy, a legion of self-proclaimed specialists has emerged. The burning question: do these digital dynamos truly possess the mastery to conquer the complexities of social media, or are they merely adept at sprucing up their lunch pics with filters? Let’s voyage through the sea of self-proclaimed gurus and armchair experts.
Suwilanji Kabwe
Suwilanji Kabwe

The rise of the social media specialist

As social media continues to gain ground, so does the allure of the social media specialist. With the trendiness of the field, many have laid claim to the title, boasting prowess in managing accounts and crafting campaigns. They present themselves as specialists, touting their abilities to increase engagement, generate leads, and create viral content, but being a true social media specialist entails more than just a knack for posting updates and gaining followers.

The deceptive facade

The accessibility of social media platforms and the ease of creating an online presence have created a deceptive facade, leading people to believe that they possess the skills necessary to be social media specialists. Basic platform knowledge and the ability to schedule posts don't equate to mastery in social media management. True specialisation demands comprehensive knowledge of marketing strategies, content creation, audience analysis, platform algorithms, and data analytics, among other essential skills.

The true social media specialist

Genuine social media specialists invest time and effort in continuously expanding their knowledge and staying updated with the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms. They possess an innate understanding of audience behaviour, trends, and platform-specific nuances. Their expertise transcends mere content dissemination, embracing effective targeting, strategic planning, campaign optimisation, and rigorous result analysis. A true specialist brings creativity, analytical thinking, and a knack for storytelling to the table, ensuring that social media efforts align with broader marketing goals.

The pitfalls of unqualified specialists

Entrusting social media accounts to unqualified individuals can spell disaster for a brand's reputation. Poorly crafted content, inappropriate engagement practices, and inadequate response management can tarnish a company's image and erode customer trust. Furthermore, a lack of understanding about platform algorithms, analytics, and data-driven decision-making can hinder the effectiveness of social media strategies, leading to wasted resources and missed opportunities for growth.

Recognising true expertise

To differentiate between genuine social media specialists and those who merely claim to be, it is crucial to assess their track record, portfolio, and industry recognition. Established specialists boast a track record of steering successful campaigns across diverse sectors, coupled with a nuanced understanding of industry dynamics. They embrace a data-centric approach, harnessing analytics tools to pivot with emerging trends and maximise impact.

In closing, while the myth of universal social media expertise persists in the age of digital ubiquity, true mastery in this realm demands a multidimensional skill set. It's not just about likes and shares; it's about wielding marketing savvy, content craftsmanship, analytical prowess, and an intimate grasp of audience behaviour. In this cutthroat digital space, individuals and businesses alike must exercise due diligence in vetting social media specialists to ensure effective management and tangible results.

About Suwilanji Kabwe

Suwilanji Kabwe is the head of digital and communications at Wetpaint Advertising.
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