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Complete 90% of KPI’s with every customer call

Every week we sit with new customers and hear about how their sale teams are still using WhatsApp as an all-in-one way to get through their day. We get sad because we know this means that after a long day in the car, visiting customers and taking orders, reps still need to translate WhatsApp messages into emails, excel documents and order management systems.
Complete 90% of KPI’s with every customer call

Brands and agencies know that efficient field sales operations can be the difference between a thriving brand and a struggling one. But we find that when potential clients consider these tools, they think of getting cornered into long contracts with major setup costs and expensive monthly license fees.

At ConnectGroup, we believe in democratising field sales technology by offering clients a plug-and-play solution at close to half the price of the competition with no setup fees (unless integration is required).

With ConnectFMCG, sales reps’ jobs are made easier and more efficient by offering users a consolidated list of key features that keep calls focused and satisfy 90% of KPI requirements. This means the end of late-night, manual reconciliations and reports that have historically burdened sales reps, and their managers afterhours.

ConnectFMCG allows sales reps to focus on selling and less on administrative work, which we believe is critical for them to roll out key business initiatives.

On the backend reporting and management side, ConnectFMCG is designed to give brand owners control over their SKU’s in-store. Real-time reports show daily market activities, from check-ins and rep location to surveys and photo reports, resulting in brand managers, agencies or distributors obtaining the instant information they need to make better business decisions pre-emptively.

If you are interested to find out more, and are even more keen to get rid of your numerous WhatsApp groups, please drop us a mail and we can set up an obligation free 30-minute demo - az.oc.tcennoceraew@enaj.

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