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Capital Legacy: The new brand

Capital Legacy has evolved from its inception 10 years ago from a cheeky, entrepreneurial startup to a truly category-defining business.
Capital Legacy: The new brand
Capital Legacy: The new brand

The company has not only pioneered but actually created the category of the integration of fiduciary and insurance.

We draft wills professionally and for free to make sure that clients’ last wishes are fulfilled. We enhance our offering by winding up clients’ estates and offering insurance products to indemnify legal fees associated with passing away. Cash shortfalls in the estate are also covered.

We realised in 2021 that the business had outgrown the startup branding from 2012. It was time to create a new brand that not only represents the business that we had become but also helps to define our aspirations for the next 10 years. We wanted to create a brand that was strong, recognisable, and as with everything we do, category-defining.

The cheeky startup was still in our DNA, but after 10 years and more than 500,000 wills later, our brand needed a level of refinement that would allow it to stand on the world stage of financial services brands. Refreshing the brand forced us to articulate not just what we do but why we do it.

Capital Legacy: The new brand

Over the last 10 years we have worked hard to claim the position of South Africa’s number one provider of wills. Our motivation as reflected in our mission has always been to make the loss of a loved one easier. But what does that mean and how does that actually affect the Capital Legacy brand?

The reality is that everything we as a company do is not necessarily only for the client drafting the will, but for their children and family that survives them. Our business is not about death, but about the life that comes after, i.e. your family and the legacy you leave behind.

Everything we do from wills to trusts, to cover of fees and now to education cover, is about what comes next. We at Capital Legacy realised we always were working for what comes next.

Why did we choose yellow? It was not a difficult choice for us to make, because to us yellow is a celebration of life. The quill was right for the first 10 years. Our new icon representing stairs aligns with our 'next steps' or 'next chapter' ethos. The new brand will take us into the next 10 years and beyond as we continue to innovate and lead this category both locally and soon globally. View our latest brand video here:

A brand is more than websites, logos, and colours. It is a company’s language. It is how we speak. It is how we do things. It is in our processes. It is how we engage clients and how we work with our supporters.

The rebrand galvanised us as a business behind the commitment to continue leading this category over the next 10 years and beyond, without losing the pulsing heart of helping that one person each and every time.

The new brand also represents the steps in a vibrant and exciting journey which lies ahead. The new and revitalised brand officially launched in September, during National Wills Week, which of course also was our 10-year birthday celebration.

The first new steps have been taken, and we at Capital Legacy cannot wait to see what lies ahead. To learn more about us, visit

Capital Legacy
Our mission is to ensure that more South Africans have valid Wills in place and to lower the legal fees at death for our clients.

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