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Visa's #MyEverywhere campaign set to share SA's beauty

On 8 May, Visa launched a digital campaign with the long-term goal of changing the way the world sees South Africa and how South Africans see themselves...
Visa's #MyEverywhere marketing campaign will be run on social media and is designed to promote domestic travel, targeted primarily at millennials who have grown up sharing their experiences on the internet.

Mohammed Ismaeel, VP Marketing for Visa in the CEMEA Region, said at the launch: "There is beauty everywhere in South Africa, it just needs to be seen."

That's where you come in. As it's a visually crowdsourced campaign, residents and visitors alike are encouraged to share their stories with 'on the ground' images of the best of South Africa, which are also intended to inspire people to travel to new parts of the country to experience what they've seen on social media.

We caught up with Ismaeel for a quick chat on his role at Visa, his personal favourite spots in SA and how the #MyEverywhere campaign came about...

Bizcommunity 1. Firstly, what's your average day like, as Visa's VP Marketing for the CEMEA region?

Ismaeel: I'm not sure I can describe anything about my day as average at the moment, if I'm honest. Having only been with Visa for nine months, I find myself learning something new every day. A large part of my time is spent with my colleagues in the Product, Sales and Finance function understanding our businesses across the region more deeply and that of our clients. Coming from a traditional marketing background I see my department as a Business Function, so it is imperative that against every dollar we spend we have very clear KPIs and if we aren't able to articulate the value to Visa and our clients, we should be questioning the value of the spend itself. The other area I've been focusing on has been ensuring we have a deeper understanding of the customer base and the target audience. We sit on data that most marketers can only dream of, so now it's about leveraging it without getting drowned by it!

Bizcommunity 2. Many would agree! What's your personal favourite spot in South Africa?

Ismaeel: That's easy, Cape Town and the surrounding areas, in particular Camps Bay. Renting a car and driving around with my wife to the Point, to Stellenbosch and the quaint towns in that area are amongst some of my favourite holiday moments. I'm guaranteed stunning views and some of the freshest, tastier food in the world all at incredible value. What's not to love?

Bizcommunity 3. OK then: Tell us more about how the #MyEverywhere campaign came about...

Ismaeel: We wanted to change the way the world sees South Africa and the way South Africans view themselves, and encourage people to pay attention to the little details around them, which offer amazing experiences. South Africa has hidden gems for the millennial traveller or young at heart; for people seeking genuine experiences, which Visa can help them experience.

Bizcommunity 4. Tell us about the travel/tourism aspect to the campaign.

Ismaeel: We're working with our local influencers, creative trio I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU (ISADY), and specialised merchants. The goal is to help them promote travel to their local cities, showcase the beauty of our country by visual content and enable consumers to get the most out of their travel experiences. Visa wants to drive outbound and inbound travel usage by assuring millennial travellers that Visa provides the access to the best way to pay around the world, enabling them to enjoy the most fulfilling travel experience free from the concerns and hassles of carrying cash.

Bizcommunity 5. What will happen at the culmination of the campaign's eight-week period?

Ismaeel: We'll continue sharing people's photos and video of amazing places in South Africa. During the campaign, there will weekly prize for the winning video of a Visa prepaid Gift card to the value of R1,000.

The campaign starts on 8 May and ends on 30 June, and the #MyEverywhere journey can be followed the Visa portal, on Facebook, Twitter and the Visa website.

About Leigh Andrews

Leigh Andrews AKA the #MilkshakeQueen, is former Editor-in-Chief: Marketing & Media at Bizcommunity.com, with a passion for issues of diversity, inclusion and equality, and of course, gourmet food and drinks! She can be reached on Twitter at @Leigh_Andrews.
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