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    Elections 2024

    Prince Mashele Returns and Gives us Insights into the New Government Structure!

    Prince Mashele Returns and Gives us Insights into the New Government Structure!

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    11 new series to bingewatch on Showmax in December

    December is heating up with these 11 series hitting Showmax subscribers' screens.

    No matter what your bingewatch jam is, Showmax brings you a feast of series to feed your addiction in the last month of 2018. And don't forget that Vikings S5B comes to Showmax express from the US every Thursday!

    1. HBO's The Deuce S2 | First on Showmax

    The tables have turned. Porn is legal and a new legit industry is growing alongside the mafia bankrollers. Big money brings its own kind of troubles, but everyone wants to keep the party going in this trailblazing new season. Watch now »

    2. Marvel's Runaways S2 | First on Showmax | From Saturday, 22 December

    They are finally a team, but these young superheroes have caught Pride's attention and now have to run from the law. Yet a dark secret sparks rebellion among the villains, giving the Runaways a gap to fight back. Arrives on Saturday, 22 December.

    3. Born to Kill

    11 new series to bingewatch on Showmax in December

    Who could be a hidden killer? Sam may come across as a normal teenager, but his deep psychological problems start surfacing when a new girl, Chrissy, catches his attention in this striking four-part miniseries. Watch now »

    4. The Chi

    Chicago is one of the US's most dangerous cities, especially for black residents. Emmett, Brandon, Ronnie and Kevin are all trying to make a life in the South Side neighbourhood when an act of violence connects them unexpectedly. Watch now »

    5. The Oath

    What happens when the cops are criminals? This series focuses on such a gang, which will stop at nothing to protect itself - even killing other officers. Don't miss this first-rate thriller, produced by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Watch now »

    6. Power S4

    Many of their enemies are vanquished and with an even larger drug operation than ever before, Ghost and Egan seem set. But it's not long before the FBI moves in, convinced Ghost killed one of their own in this heartstopping season. Watch now »

    7. Being Mary Jane S4

    11 new series to bingewatch on Showmax in December

    It's a new city for MJ as she moves from Atlanta to New York, leaving her past behind - but not the drama. New rivalries and suitors are everywhere - can she keep it together to get to the top? Watch now »

    8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S5

    Detective Jake Peralta is a great cop, but also a total goofing slacker. Fortunately, he and his fellow oddball colleagues are also great at their job. Don't miss the much-loved modern sitcom that is already a classic. Watch now »

    9. Rebel

    11 new series to bingewatch on Showmax in December

    Pushed out of the police force after defending her brother, Rebel is an outcast. She takes a job as a private investigator, but her enemies are still after her in this brilliant and tense drama, directed by John Singleton. Watch now »

    10. The White Princess

    It's 1485. England is in tatters and Elizabeth of York reluctantly marries the new king to promote peace. But she's not about to fall in line behind the court's power games, brought to life in this lavish and unabashed new series. Watch now »

    11. Grey's Anatomy S13

    From Meredith Grey to McSteamy, it's the medical drama series that set the bar. Come along with the staff of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital as they save lives while trying to keep their own ones together. Watch now »

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