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Ebrahim Harvey responds to our last video with him.

Ebrahim Harvey responds to our last video with him.

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    Greater heights at Primedia for leading political journalist Matshidiso 'Tshidi' Madia

    Leading political journalist Matshidiso Madia has been appointed associate editor: politics at Primedia Broadcasting. Madia has been at the coalface of politics for many years, as a broadcast and print specialist political journalist. Her journey began at Primedia's 702. During her time at Power FM, Madia was a popular voice. She also played an instrumental role in developing a top-notch political reporting team at News24.
    Greater heights at Primedia for leading political journalist Matshidiso 'Tshidi' Madia

    EWN’s editor in chief, Sibusiso Ngalwa said: “We are thrilled that Tshidi came home to Primedia last year. She has added immense value to the political coverage on our talk stations 702 and Cape Talk and also on EWN, and her brand-new podcast of interviews with top political leaders and personalities makes for compelling listening.”

    Ngalwa said: “At Primedia we guard our credibility fiercely, for credibility is the cornerstone of Primedia’s brand of journalism. Tshidi’s insightful and informed coverage of critical political events over the past few years has seen her become a trusted and credible voice among listeners and well across a broad spectrum of political parties.”

    Madia has conducted high level interviews with top political leaders in South Africa, including President Cyril Ramaphosa. Her dedication to providing an accurate picture and balanced perspective of political organisations and happenings has gained her support and admiration among politicians and audiences.

    In her own words Madia says: “The best way to describe me is that I am an equal opportunity offender, I am fair and hard on everyone in the political landscape, and their inability ‘to place me’ politically is testament to that. The fact that I can walk into any room, with any political party or faction of political parties and have a frank and robust conversation has worked to my advantage. I have always managed to rise above the white noise, to not get caught in any particular narrative. Rather I have always tried to get to the essence of whatever strategy is at play and unpack how it impacts the political discourse in the country. My journey as a political journalist has always been guided by a compass of honesty and authenticity. There is no greater respect that we can give to our audiences than by reporting with moral integrity.”

    Objectivity and professionalism is Madia’s signature tune. “South African journalism can at times get caught up in factional battles, we must always ensure that we avoid falling into that trap. A total commitment and dedication to the noble craft of journalism, and an open ear, to all, even those we disagree with, will ensure honest and responsible reporting. We owe that to politicians and the public,” says Madia.

    The other attribute Madia wants to infuse into the newsroom is a sense of connectivity and empathy with our audiences. She says: “The ability to empathetically understand how political events impact our audiences’ day to day lives is a mark of good, socially responsible journalism.

    Ngalwa said: “Tshidi will elevate and cement Eyewitness News (EWN) as a political agenda setter. We have been able to break stories that later find expression in other newsrooms. As an acclaimed journalist, who has gained the confidence of politicians across the political divide, Madia is well poised to lead our team in delivering breaking news on major political events on a regular basis. Her depth of understanding of the fundamental dynamics in the political landscape and the impact of ordinary South Africans, is extraordinary.”

    Madia’s weekly podcasts (Politricking with Tshidi Madia) are set to be crucial conversation pieces, not only on political matters but on social and cultural issues. Top leaders across the political, social, cultural, and sporting arena will be interviewed.

    Madia said: “Through these podcasts we will tell the South African story that is unfolding. It is a multi layered, multi-emotional saga of a young democracy, and we will tell it in all its complexity, all its colours, in its splendour, its majesty, its failings and its triumphs. As a host, I can be serious and firm, but I am also quite cheeky, mischievous, and feisty, all of this must find expression in the podcast.”

    With her bold and insightful interviews, Madia is fast becoming a 'not to be missed' voice in the unpacking and analysis of current day South African politics. As the country heads towards critical elections, with the upcoming ANC elective conference in December and the general election in 2024, Primedia is ensuring that we have the strongest political team in place, and Madia is set to play a pivotal role in ensuring a premium political team, second to none.

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