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Just Property launches Buyers Mandate

Just Property has launched a new initiative called Buyers Mandate which aims to even out the distribution of representation in property deals between sellers and buyers. By signing a buyer's mandate, the buyer gets a dedicated property professional to guide them first through the search for their dream home and then through the negotiating process.
Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property
Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property

“As a national franchise group that services multiple customer bases from tenants and landlords to sellers and buyers, we're always looking for new ways to add value to and enhance our clients’ experience with property,” says Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property. “Buyers are just as pertinent to a property transaction as sellers, so why not give them the option to be represented by an independent expert: someone to unmask the hidden pitfalls of property-buying, a person solely focused on protecting their rights and interests?”

Building relationships

“It’s a minefield out there and we aim to simplify it,” explains Stevens, “but we get something very important out of this too. That first property purchase will be followed by a second – if the initial experience was a good one then a good relationship exists, and the buyer is likely to return to our agency the next time they’re in the market. We’re very aware of the need to educate and effect change: the real estate market is fraught with frustrations and tensions, many of which are caused by sparse information, lack of knowledge and poor communication. We are determined to change that perception, one conversation at a time.”

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