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Club Med unveils new brand identity

Since 1950, Club Med has been pioneering the concept of all-inclusive holidays and redefining the experience for generations. With a presence in over 70 resorts across 32 countries, Club Med has earned its place as the go-to in luxury getaways, offering customers a seamless and indulgent escape to destinations worldwide.

As the hospitality landscape continues to evolve, Club Med takes yet another ground-breaking step by unveiling a refreshed brand identity that embodies its commitment to excellence and innovation. This remarkable evolution marks the first rebranding campaign for the brand since 2014 and encompasses every facet of the Club Med experience, from its communication tools to its luxurious resorts.

Embracing I'Esprit Libre

Rooted in its heritage yet propelled by modern sensibilities, Club Med's new brand identity is a testament to its dedication to crafting unforgettable holidays. Infused with a distinct and unique style, the new identity exudes an air of sophistication while retaining the essence of Club Med's offerings - simplicity, fun, indulgence, nature, and freedom. Furthermore, Club Med's renewed approach underscores its premium status, inviting travellers to experience the world in all-inclusive luxury.

“In a world where travel has become more than just a destination, Club Med's ‘That’s l’Esprit Libre’ campaign encourages travellers to embrace the spirit of escapism. It’s an innovative approach that will immerse one in a world of joy, relaxation, and the pursuit of what truly matters,” says Laura Hendel, marketing manager for Club Med Southern Africa.

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The campaign takes a unique story-led approach, blending playful wording and a stylish tone to convey a lighthearted and emotive message. It reflects Club Med's solid heritage, French expertise, and international standing, while also addressing the evolving needs of modern holidaymakers.

The campaign emphasises the importance of wellness, relaxation, responsible tourism, and meaningful personal interactions - all without compromising the hassle-free holiday experience. It's about shedding the burdens of daily life, disconnecting from the superficial layers of modern existence, and rediscovering the joy of being present.

This authentic representation aims to engage viewers with narratives that stir emotions, allowing them to envision themselves within these experiences instantly.

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As Club Med positions itself as the ultimate all-inclusive one stop shop for those seeking premium experiences and mindful hospitality, the campaign's visuals encapsulate genuine, spontaneous, and heart-warming moments of life. These fleeting yet profound moments of happiness radiate an unmistakable sense of peace of mind and infectious optimism. It's no longer just about showcasing dreamy images of Club Med Resorts; it's about focusing on aspirational experiences that bring a smile.

As Club Med forges ahead, the brand is poised to redefine luxury holidays, offering a premium escape that is both memorable and joyful in every sense. With its legacy of innovation and the promise of an even more exciting future, Club Med remains the unrivalled pioneer of the all-inclusive holiday experience whether you choose the beach or the mountain.

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