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Amasa Ignite Webinar Forum - Purpose-driven conscious marketing

The unfolding global disruptive events of 2020 have brought to the spotlight the importance of purpose-driven conscious marketing. Conscious marketing is guided by four key principles of: higher purpose, stakeholders, conscious leadership and a conscious culture. All these principles have played a huge role for brands in the implementation of conscious marketing in mitigating the impact brought about by disruptive forces in 2020.

One of the key approaches of conscious marketing demonstrated by brands in 2020, is that of prioritising stakeholders’ interests before profits. In some cases, marketing budgets were repurposed to initiatives aimed at fighting the pandemic, some brands went as far as supporting Black Lives Matter in demonstrating support against social injustice, to mention just a few.

There is no doubt that consumers are the most important stakeholders when considering conscious marketing. Recent research, conducted during lockdown in South Africa by Bateleur Brand Planning, highlights various developments that consumers are concerned about. One of the key concerns relates to trust and ethics – this is a critical aspect that forms part of the conscious marketing approach and very important to be taken into consideration by brands.

Join Amasa Virtual Ignite Forum as we host Thebe Ikalafeng – founder, Brand Leadership Group to unpack this thought-provoking topic.

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