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Great experiences gives business a highly competitive intuitive advantage

Organisations are on an accelerated journey; evolving digital experiences and assets, aligning their goals to their customers. In the new phase of business; organisations take experiences to the next level; ramping up engagement opportunities and solving for the needs of their customers. This global accelerated movement has highlighted the importance of maintaining a competitive edge, and without a clear key differentiator; organisations risk falling behind competitors, losing customers to better experiences that take a more human-centred approach to engagement.
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Being able to anticipate users’ needs based on habits and behaviours is important now than ever before. Designing products and services that are perfectly suited to their needs brings the human-centred element they want and need in order to build relationships with the brand, investing their precious time using your digital channels and platforms.

Use experience to move your business

We’re seeing more organisations investing the time to gain an understanding of who will use their digital platforms and solutions, to discover what they're expecting, what they want and what they need. By harnessing this powerful user data through experience design; you’re able to build the right products and services for users, and design winning experiences in every interaction.

Evolving digital assets and experiences now will move business forward through a user-led future and encourage increased engagement and interaction, identify new digital channels to reach your users and help organisations build customer-focused culture and capabilities.

Covid-19 boosts demand for human-centred design

Are you putting your customer first? If not, you will be losing out during a time where global economies are under enormous pressure. If there is one thing that Covid-19 has highlighted; it is the importance of people in the economic value chain...

By Viresh Hargovan 4 Jun 2020

Experience is your business’s best practice for building ROI

Everything in life is an experience; every interaction, every event, every moment. Now think about your experiences; your product, your processes, your interactions. Are we maximising on every engagement or experience opportunity? Are we delighting our customers, partners and employees in every interaction?

Experience is the result of the conscious human mind observing an event

Investing in experience is an investment made in the customer, in the product and in the brand. Without experience; you risk failing your customers with underwhelming experiences and losing them to competitors who have created more memorable and desirable interactions with them.

Commitment to experience is powering the future of business

The time is right to move on this now; putting you at a great advantage in the industry and ahead of your competition.

About Viresh Hargovan

Viresh Hargovan is the CEO at Immersion Group. The Immersion Group is a human-centred design practice committed to creating human experiences that change lives and build value. For more information visit If you would like further information please contact .



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