Viresh Hargovan is the CEO at Immersion Group. The Immersion Group is a human-centred design practice committed to creating human experiences that change lives and build value. For more information visit If you would like further information please contact az.oc.puorgnoisremmi@ienuahs.
Adapting to changing digital customer behaviour

The time is right now for organisations to leverage changes in customer behaviour and preferences, and begin reassessing their digital strategy to realign misguided customer journeys...

By Viresh Hargovan 27 Aug 2020

Great experiences gives business a highly competitive intuitive advantage

Organisations are on an accelerated journey; evolving digital experiences and assets, aligning their goals to their customers. In the new phase of business; organisations take experiences to the next level; ramping up engagement opportunities and solving for the needs of their customers...

By Viresh Hargovan 29 Jun 2020

Covid-19 boosts demand for human-centred design

Are you putting your customer first? If not, you will be losing out during a time where global economies are under enormous pressure. If there is one thing that Covid-19 has highlighted; it is the importance of people in the economic value chain...

By Viresh Hargovan 4 Jun 2020

New phase in business sees accelerated key digital experience trends

As we prepare for a new phase in business globally; we're seeing accelerated key digital experience trends including online payments, telehealth and e-learning...

By Viresh Hargovan 29 May 2020

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