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What's PR got to do with it?

Public. Relations. To paraphrase the old Tina Turner song. What's PR got to do with it?
What's PR got to do with it?

What's PR got to do with the discipline that over the decades has done just that, build ‘relations’ between business and the ‘public’?

Does the term public relations a.k.a PR still match the range of service provided by its practitioners or is it contributing to confusion over deliverables?

While the ‘relations’ part is certainly still key, as client expectations and marketing trends shift, stakeholders have frequently been heard to question, not the relevance of the discipline itself, but public relations as a descriptor.

PR doesn’t just build relations with the public, but also with the media and a host of other stakeholders. Is the word ‘media’ missing from the PR title? Would the term media relations add more credibility and clarity to PR’s reputation?

The second reason PR might not be as accurate a job spec as it could be, is due to its increasing importance as a discipline integral to effective business marketing. Business communications, corporate communications, company news management and content strategy all fall under its domain.

Via a range of models highly prized in business circles, both new digital and traditional publishing channels allow PR practitioners to incorporate tracking, monitoring and monetising returns of investment in corporate communications. PR makes it easy to control and manage the competitive edge in business communications.

Especially now with companies embracing new impact responsibilities, incorporating ESG and UNSDG goals into organisational structures, who better to fly these flags than the PR industry?

It seems that the PR industry currently has more opportunities than ever to claim its territory, not only in the public domain but also in the business-to-business space, repositioning itself with potential for seamless integration into the areas of business strategy, content marketing and business communications.

Many PR practitioners are actively embracing new algorithms, helping to amplify successful integrated client brand campaigns, which not only enhance relations with the public, but with investors, stakeholders and even societal relations as a whole.

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