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Exploring digital signage in a post-Covid world

Times have changed, and so has what consumers want and expect of brands. When we think about shopping now, our concerns lie a little deeper than whether the item is in stock or not. Now shoppers are thinking about how to get hold of said product while staying safe and avoiding crowded spaces.
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This has been the reality for many months, but as lockdown restrictions ease, the need for increased sales tactics to help drive brand and product awareness becomes even more important; particularly for visual forms of advertising. Many shoppers have moved online, but there are still many more who want an in-store experience that also keeps them safe.

Because of the pandemic, many retailers relied on e-commerce to promote their brands, but as more and more companies flocked to the web in an attempt to reach customers during this time, retailers soon found themselves competing on a greater scale than anticipated. Now, retailers can start to expect more foot traffic in stores, but customer behaviour has changed, creating opportunities for businesses that digital signage can help take advantage of.

Digital signage and its place in retail

Online sales will probably continue to grow, but consumers still want a physical shopping experience, like going into the store, selecting which item you prefer from the produce aisle, or trying on clothing prior to purchasing it. The era of physical stores is far from over.

This is where signage comes into play, and more importantly, digital signage. Digital signage is a great new opportunity for retailers to draw in existing and new clients. A quick digital reel of images or an engaging video is all that’s needed to cement your offering in the minds of consumers and hopefully sway their purchasing decisions. It’s a way to expose hundreds – if not thousands – to your offering in a non-intrusive way compared to remarketing ads that follow you across several webpages and can easily be stopped with ad blockers.

So, how can retailers use digital signage to their advantage? Engaging signage that offers customers a unique experience with dynamic content is your golden ticket to give e-commerce a run for its money. It’s this type of engaging, one-to-one personalised advertising, that retailers need to implement now to give them a better footing once more safety-conscious shoppers return to stores.

Knowing where to start

There are many companies that offer in-store digital advertising services with the promise of exposing countless shoppers to your brand and offering. The trick is to find the one whose services are most aligned to both the needs of you and your customer.

LG’s Transparent OLED Automatic Door, for example, offers touchless access to buildings and structures, which is a more attractive option to consumers during these times when we are reluctant to touch anything in public spaces.

But that’s not where the possibilities end. The automatic door can communicate with customers as soon as they enter your store, delivering advertising and marketing content unobtrusively to consumers. It’s designed with OLED technology that uses an integrated content management solution on the automated glass sliding doors for a transparent product.

But it’s more than just impressive technology. OLED technology brings you the same level of brightness and high contrast thanks to the self-lighting OLED pixels. This is not to say consumers won’t be able to see through the glass. It’s highly transparent, meaning objects behind the display can be easily seen, enabling the solution to harmonise with its surroundings while providing useful information and immersive experiences at the same time.

Connecting with customers in a post-Covid world

While many retailers have suffered because of the pandemic, it also revealed that customers are quite tolerant of varying methods of communication and action. And with so many customers familiarising themselves with the world of digital and the accessibility of online ads, it’s safe to assume that they now expect something more from physical retailers as well. Digital signage could very well be an area of strength for retailers looking to disrupt customer expectations, sparking a new wave of engaged and loyal customers far outlasting the effects of the pandemic.

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