#BehindtheMask: Melissa-Joy Ohlsson, head of strategy for Volt Africa

This week I catch up with Melissa-Joy Ohlsson, head Of strategy for Volt Africa, an integrated digital service provider based in South Africa which specialises in creating customised digital strategies suited for your brand.
Melissa-Joy Ohlsson, head of strategy for Volt Africa

BizcommunityYou're head of strategy for Volt Africa. Could you briefly explain what your role entails?

My role is multi-faceted. In terms of strategy, I look at a brief, familiarise myself with the client and visualize what the client could be. I put processes into place using the various creative teams, to achieve said objectives. Wearing my content hat, my team and I conceptualise and create effective campaigns that will elevate the client's brand and meet its objectives.

BizcommunityCould you share with us what’s really behind your mask - literally and figuratively speaking?

Literally, right now I am wearing a matte lipstick (Swiitch Beauty #Airmatte in 'Thicc') and figuratively, behind the mask you'll find an introvert who doesn't like crowds and loves to spend time at home, cooking and reading or just somewhere outdoors. My work forces me to be an extrovert but as an only child I actually really love my own company and stillness.

BizcommunityGrowing up, what did you want to be?

I wanted to be the first female President of South Africa (I verbalised this during an SRC speech in Grade 8!)

BizcommunityHow did you end up working in the world of all things digital?

I actually studied journalism and during that time I found myself working as a PA at a marketing company. Before social media and the digital world was as it is now, I took it upon myself to manage the blog and social media platforms of my boss at the time and the rest is history.

BizcommunityWhat excites you most about your career?

Right now, the world has come to rely heavily on digital performance, footprint and output - brands are practically scrambling for a digital presence. So, the industry is really evolving from a 'nice to have' to an essential service, so to speak. I am excited by the endless possibilities digital presents to clients and by how a brand can evolve and grow just by implementing a magical digital strategy.

BizcommunityWhere are you based during locked down?

I am in based in Fish Hoek on days I work from home, and then I go into our offices in Cape Town CBD three days a week.

BizcommunityWhen you're not busy working, what do you do? How do you socialize these days?

When the weather is great (we all know Cape Town), I spend a lot of time on the beach (when legal!) or outdoors at wine farms or picnics. I only dine out if I can do it outdoors and there is space for my kids to run free. I love cooking yummy food for one or two people in my home, burning incense and candles with the music turned up loud.

BizcommunityWhat's your favourite meme/gif of all time?

The one I probably overuse is the Cardi B Tea GIF!


Bizcommunity2021 has just begun. Do you have any 'so-called' resolutions for the new year?

I don't usually do resolutions as I have goals that I set for myself throughout the year, but I definitely want to up my fitness game and write more.

BizcommunityAre you watching any series? Reading any books at the moment?

I am really enjoying Lovecraft County on Showmax, and I am currently reading Home Body by Rupi Kaur .

BizcommunityWhat is the first thing you plan to do - if and when the lockdown lifts?

Take my babies on a fun adventure in a sunny locale out of the country with loads of food, ocean and interesting places to visit.

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