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Build a WhatsApp bot in hours with no coding needed

Building a WhatsApp bot couldn't be easier! No developer needed, drag, drop and let your bot do the rest. Use rich media and automations creating an amazing experience for customers!
As a small agency and tech enthusiast myself, I’m not short of ideas – but implementing them can be a challenge without access to developers and the right tools.

Today, I’d like to discuss WhatsApp bots - Anyone who has tried to build a WhatsApp bot will know how difficult this is, and those that have approached companies who do build them know how expensive and time consuming it can be. This week I discovered a South African company that has released an end-to-end solution allowing me to build a bot myself without having to write a single line of code!

Enter Boomerang an amazing online platform powered by the dedicated and hugely talented development team at Techsys Digital.

Why is this important? Whatsapp API offers unlimited opportunities, but in my experience, most businesses do not have in-house development teams (particularly those not in the tech sector), and marketers are always looking for great new solutions to help them reach their audiences while providing an engaging and amazing customer experience at the same time.

Boomerang is just such a solution, democratising access to easily build a WhatsApp bot in under 30 minutes without requiring expensive developer resources – thereby bringing an amazing tool to the masses and lowering the bar for businesses to reach their audiences by not needing a PhD in Computer Science to get started.

The platform seamlessly powers lines that are registered with Clickatell, Messenger People and many more...

Getting started is really simple:
  1. Request access to the platform.
  2. Build your bot
  3. Make your bot live
I can simply drag and drop the components and interactions I want into a simple, easy-to-use, logical flow and my bot takes care of the rest.

You can check out the Whatsapp demo we built by clicking here:

Suffice it to say, I am going to recommend this to all my clients, and I am already using this platform myself.

Some of the really great features available to businesses on this platform allow their marketers to do really cool things like:
  • Send rich media like video, photo, and audio.
  • Snap surveys
  • Push messages
  • Location based services – send/receive location data.
  • 3rd party integrations are available via APIs (for those who want access to more advanced developer-friendly features).
You can even do really fun things like using AI to work out age and gender from a Selfie. This makes it a great interactive tool while creating a unique engagement opportunity with your consumer.

So, in summary – why is Boomerang awesome and why do I recommend it?
  • Businesses no longer need developers to build an interactive WhatsApp bot.
  • It lowers the barrier to using truly innovative technology by enabling businesses access to amazing marketing tools.
  • Creating amazing consumer experiences incredibly quickly.
  • It has a well thought out feature-suite that marketers and businesses can leverage to help lead generation and create unique service opportunities.
Building a WhatsApp bot was never an easy proposition and getting it done probably didn’t rank highly on anyone’s list of “fun” things to do. Boomerang delivers something that is both easy and fun at the same time.


Interested in using Boomerang? Learn more here.

Derek Nel is the founder of 8bitstudio and an independent tech journalist who has a love for all things tech. Derek has worked in the digital space for nearly a decade with big brand clients and agencies.

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Derek Nel is the owner of 8bitstudio.

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