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Creative Circle results for February, March 2011

The April 2011 Creative Circle Ad of the Month will only be judged next week Thursday, 19 May 2011. In the meantime, here are the results for February and March, including Digital Ad of the Month, which continue a trend of being poor in terms of number of entries and quality (see judges' comments).

CategoryFebruary 2011March 2011
Print1. AA/Top Car "Disasters" - Net#work BBDO Joburg1. Kalk Bay Books/Audio Books "Journey 1,2,3" - Ireland/Davenport
2. Adcock Ingram/Teejel "Monster" - Draftfcb Joburg
Ambient/outdoor1. Channel O "Handbag/Snoop Dog, Westside/Trekkie, Dr Phil/Dr Dre - Ogilvy Joburg1. Fox International Channels Top TV/The Walking Dead "Cab Attack" - Ireland/Davenport
1. The Zimbabwean/Newspaper "The Voiceless Campaign "-TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg2. Webber Wentzel/Graduate Camp. - So you don't want to work at Webber Wentzel "Stapler/Coffee/Files" - Net#work BBDO Joburg
TV/cinema1 Tuffy Plastics/100% Recycled Refuse Bags - Moments We Admire "Alivr Gnodde/Ed Masters" - Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town1 Cadbury's/Lunch Bar "Voice Over" - Ogilvy Joburg
2. KFC/Fully Loaded Boxmeal "Man vs The World" - Ogilvy Joburg2. Good Fellas "Slurr" - Lowe Bull Joburg
3. Fox International Channels Top TV/The Walking Dead "Shooting Range" - Ireland/Davenport
Radio1. Mercedes-Benz/Safety Features "Love/Bud/Toby" - Net#work BBDO Joburg1. Volkswagen/Blue Motion Camp. The Donated Ad Space No 1,2,3,4 - Ogilvy Cape Town
2. Comair/ - Cheaper than Staying at Home "Chillin/Fixin" - KingJames2. Webber Wentzel/Student Camp. "Stapler/Highlighter/Photocopy Machine" - Net#work BBDO Joburg
3. M-Net/Channel O "The Struggle Continues" - Ogilvy Joburg3. Ceres Fruit Juices/Liqui-Fruit "Mr Donovan/Mrs Taylor - Bester Burke
Experiential1 Brandhouse/Drive Dry "Newspaper" - FoxP2
2. The War Museum/WW1 Exhibit "Delville Wood Dice" - Ireland/Davenport
Digital1. The Design Indaba "DIXIV Microsite" - The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town/Gloo Design

February 2011 judgesMarch 2011 Judges2011 digital judges
Damon Stapleton, TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg (chair)Tseliso Rangaka, Ogilvy (chair)Mark Tomlinson, (chair)
Taryn Scher, OgilvyMiguel Nunes, TBWA\Hunt\LascarisAndy Ellis, Native
Graeme Jenner, Net#work BBDODonovan Goliath, Net#work BBDOAlex van Tonder, KingJames +one
Mick Shepard, M&C Saatchi AbelTheo Ferreira, Hello WorldAndrea Mitchell, digiVOX
Laura May Vale, EuroRSCGSuhana Gordhan, Black River FCNicholas Wittenberg, Ogilvy Interactive
Kenneth van Reenen, DDBVincent Osmond, DDBEmma Carpenter, Quirk
Juliet Honey, Lowe BullSanche Frolich, TJDRDylan McLean, Aqua Online
Grant Sitole, DraftfcbOlivia Russell, DraftfcbGordon Ray, M&C Saatchi Abel
Sanele Ngubane, Ireland/DavenportGlenn Jeffery, Volcano
Martin Schlumpf, Publicis

CategoryFebruary 2011 chair commentsMarch 2011 chair comments
GeneralQuite a strange month, considering that we [were] on the Cannes deadline. There was not a lot of work entered this month; apparently this is a trend and this is worrying. Hopefully there [were] more next month. Let's pray that we get an extension. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the judges for making it on St. Patrick's Day.We all agreed that this was generally a poor month. Both in terms of number of entries, as well as the overall strength of ideas. The expectation had been that we would be swamped, given the looming Cannes and Loerie deadlines. The reality was quite the opposite, with judges having to stretch themselves in some categories to find worthy second and third places.
PrintWas the worst and most disappointing. Which is why we only awarded first place and no second or third.Print had very little to give. Forcing us to choose only two contenders in this category.
Ambient/outdoorThere were two clear pieces above everything else. The panel decided both should be awarded first place, as there was nothing worthy in the same league.This was the worst affected category, with only four pieces entered. The two pieces that placed were the strongest out of a very small selection.
TV/cinemaThere were some good pieces. The standard was generally not bad. The piece that won displayed fresh execution and was nicely handled.The three winners in this category quickly rose to the top of a fairly populated but sluggish category. A lot of the spots simply weren't rewarding enough. Perhaps next month will bring out those Cannes and Loerie hopefuls.
RadioThis was by far the biggest category. For once radio was not the category we all moaned about. There was some good work. The craft and writing of the winning piece was what made it.For a change, radio was probably the strongest category this month. With quite a wide range of styles and tonality. The winner was, however, unanimous. It was good to hear genuine chuckles from some of the judges.
ExperientialThere were some good pieces and some poor pieces. For example, obvious spelling errors on your entry don't help your cause. This is always a difficult category to judge as it covers a wide range of disciplines but the winning piece was unanimous and was a worthy winner.
DigitalThe submissions from the most recent round have been far less than we have previously seen and ideally we want more and better quality work submitted. The one piece that did stand out was the Design Indaba fictitious product microsite. It's a lovely use of the mixed media productions, wrapping up a simple and solid concept. There are some very clever transitions that add to the story, and reveal as you explore more of it.

Creative Circle results for February, March 2011

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