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From sales to accounting, how MIS helps printing companies navigate complexities

If time is the currency of today’s economy, then MIS is about to make you that much richer. Print service providers (PSPs) in South Africa face a unique set of challenges. Aside from the daily grind of running a business - sales targets, over- or under-stocked, bottlenecks in production, idle equipment, staff management, supply chain disruptions, and customer queries - add to it evolving market trends, regulatory compliance requirements, and aggressive competition, and you see why there is a strong move to digitalisation. To stay profitable and productive, PSPs turn to business software.
From sales to accounting, how MIS helps printing companies navigate complexities

MIS explained, with examples

Business software goes by many names:

Whatever you choose to call it - they all mean the same thing. They offer a suite of functionalities that tackle PSP challenges head on.

QuickEasy Software is all of these - MIS, ERP, BOS - and it is no newcomer to the printing, signage, and packaging industry. A leader in this space, QuickEasy has done only one thing for nearly three decades, and that is develop, improve, and finetune BOS ERP to fully unify, streamline, and optimise PSPs businesses.

“QuickEasy was born at the coalface of the printing industry, and is designed to solve the unique challenges that PSPs face,” says Anton Oosthuizen, commercial director of QuickEasy Software. “The end result? An easy-to-use business operating system that provides all the functionality you would expect from big-brand ERPs.”

From sales to accounting, how MIS helps printing companies navigate complexities

A streamlined business: from front door to top floor

For PSPs, QuickEasy BOS connects all departments, from sales to accounting, to ensure efficient workflow, data consistency, and informed decision-making.

Here's how QuickEasy MIS simplifies operations

  • Sales and customer relationship management (CRM): QuickEasy’s CRM modules help you manage customer interactions, track sales leads, and streamline the sales process. Sales teams can access real-time information about customer preferences, order history, and payment status, which allows them to offer personalised services and respond quickly to customer inquiries.
  • Estimating and quoting: In this industry, accurate estimating and quoting are critical. QuickEasy automates these processes so that quotes are based on accurate production costs, material usage, labour, and overheads. This reduces errors and delays for quotes, and improves customer satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Work order management: Once a sale is confirmed, QuickEasy ERP converts quotes into work orders, which initiates the production process. It allows for scheduling, material allocation, and workflow assignment, and ensures that resources are optimally utilised and deadlines are met.
  • Production management: QuickEasy provides a comprehensive view of the production floor, so managers can track progress, monitor inventory levels, maximise machinery utilisation, and adjust schedules as needed so that production bottlenecks are identified and addressed.
  • Inventory management: This ERP offers robust inventory management capabilities, tracking materials from source to final product delivery. It manages stock levels, reorders materials, and reduces wastage, so that the right materials are available when needed.
  • Shipping and digitised delivery: Once products are ready, QuickEasy manages logistics, from scheduling pick-ups and tracking shipments, to automating and digitising deliveries.
  • Invoicing and accounting: The financial module automates billing, tracks payments, and manages accounts receivable and payable.
  • Reporting and analysis: QuickEasy offers advanced reporting and analytics, so you have a clear view of your entire business. Analyse trends, track performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer service.

Unlike other MIS systems that force you to buy add-on modules separately, QuickEasy ERP is all-in-one. Get streamlined workflows, reduce manual tasks, minimise errors, and collaborate across departments. Enjoy improved efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and better financial performance. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionalities, QuickEasy sets a new standard of management information systems for companies in the print industry.

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