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Integrated accounting for printing companies

In the fast-paced and competitive world of printing, efficiency is key. Yet, many printing companies in South Africa still rely on disparate systems for their accounting, estimating, and production processes. While this approach might go relatively unnoticed in the daily pressure of a busy printing business, it poses significant challenges - and limitations - that can ultimately hinder growth and profitability.
Integrated accounting for printing companies

The current landscape of SA’s printing companies

There is a growing trend of printing companies in South Africa digitising their operations with all-in-one ERP solutions like QuickEasy BOS. However, many still rely on separate systems for their accounting and estimating or production processes.

There are several reasons why this might be the case.

  1. Legacy systems: Some printing companies have been using separate systems for years and may be hesitant to switch to an integrated solution due to the costs and disruptions involved in transitioning.
  2. Specialised accounting needs: Printing companies often have unique accounting requirements, such as job costing, inventory tracking for consumables, and handle complex billing structures. These needs might not be fully met by the accounting module of an off-the-shelf ERP system.
  3. Preference for best-of-breed solutions: Some companies prefer to use specialised software for each aspect of their operations, believing that this provides more tailored functionality and better performance than an integrated solution.

The risks and costs of disparate systems

The choice to operate a business with multiple systems is often not a strategic choice. However, it is a reality that needs to be acknowledged and addressed, as this approach exposes the business to risk.

  1. System vulnerability: Maintaining separate systems increases the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks. Each system represents a potential entry point for malicious actors, and managing multiple security protocols can be complex and time-consuming.
  2. Upgrade compatibility risks: Upgrading one system might lead to compatibility issues with the other, resulting in downtime, data loss, or costly troubleshooting.
  3. Financial burden: Separate systems often come with separate licensing fees, maintenance costs, and upgrade expenses. These recurring costs can quickly add up and strain a company's budget.
  4. Double data entry: Manually transferring data between systems is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. These errors can lead to inaccurate financial reports, delayed invoices, and dissatisfied customers.
  5. Non-communication: Disparate systems often lack seamless integration. This can result in disastrous errors due to information silos. For example, a customer may be flagged as a late payer on the financial system, but the CRM software has no such information. This can lead to non-profitable sales and work orders that eat away at your profit margin.

However, there are several advantages to using a unified ERP system like QuickEasy BOS for both accounting and estimating/production.

Integrated accounting for printing companies

The power of a single system

QuickEasy BOS is a comprehensive ERP solution specifically designed for the printing industry. It seamlessly integrates accounting, estimating, production, and other critical functions into a single platform.

This integration offers numerous benefits that can streamline a printing company's operations.

  1. Integrated modules: All of the modules, from sales to accounting, are part of the same system. Truly integrated, that means no additional modules need to be purchased at a later time date. A single system means that an active subscription makes all of these modules available.
  2. Enhanced security and privacy: A single system simplifies security management, reduces data vulnerabilities, and protects sensitive financial and operational data.
  3. Centralised database: QuickEasy BOS keeps all your data in one place. This simplifies data management, removes version control issues, and eliminates double data capturing.
  4. Cost savings: With no need for multiple licences and maintenance fees, QuickEasy BOS reduces IT costs and frees up resources for other strategic investments.
  5. Profitable admin: Automated processes ensure fast, accurate financial records, timely invoices, and improved customer satisfaction.
  6. Less risk, more profitability: QuickEasy BOS facilitates real-time communication and data sharing between departments, leading to accurate decision-making and improved risk mitigation.
  7. Improved efficiency: Automated admin processes eliminates the need for manual data entry and reconciliation between systems, saving time and reducing errors.
  8. Better visibility: An integrated system provides a more comprehensive view of the company's finances and operations, enabling better decision-making.
  9. Streamlined workflows: Integrating these systems can streamline processes like invoicing, job costing, and inventory management, making the business more efficient and profitable.

Financial management: The heart of QuickEasy BOS

QuickEasy BOS's powerful financial management module provides printing companies with comprehensive tools to control costs, optimise pricing, and maximise profitability. Key features include:

How does QuickEasy’s financial module work?

Here’s a glimpse at how QuickEasy’s functionalities can change the game for South African printing companies.

  • Financial dashboard: You get a visual representation of your business in real-time allowing for a quick understanding of financial health and immediate strategic planning.
  • View accounting errors before viewing reports: By identifying errors, exclusions, and discrepancies beforehand, you get accurate financial reporting.
  • Add notes to financial statements: Contextual information and references make financial statements clearer for stakeholders.
  • Raise queries on transactions and resolve with controlled responses: The QuickEasy service desk functionality streamlines internal communication for resolving accounting queries. This means you have an auditable trail of assignees, comments, resolutions, escalations, and approvals, all in one place.
  • Budget management: Viewing against multiple budgets offers insights into budget spending, allowing for more robust financial control.
  • Percentage of revenue and percentage change views: Understanding revenue streams and trends fosters better planning and forecasting.
  • Output to Excel, PDF, etc., for reports: You can download and share your reports and forecasts in whichever format you or your stakeholders prefer directly from QuickEasy ERP.
  • Daily notifications: Automated emails from QuickEasy ERP keep you informed regarding payments, invoices, budget warnings, transaction requests, and more.
  • True integrated system: With everything stored in one secure system, QuickEasy reduces the complications associated with multiple licences, upgrades, and user permissions

Beyond accounting: Operational and management benefits

QuickEasy BOS extends its benefits beyond accounting, and empowers printing companies to:

Upgrade to a single system today

Printing companies cannot afford the limitations and risks of disparate systems. QuickEasy BOS offers a comprehensive and integrated solution that streamlines operations, strengthens financial management, and drives growth. It is time to upgrade today to gain the full benefits that your team and your business needs.

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