Behind the Selfie Interview South Africa

#BehindtheSelfie: Matt Richards, marketing director at Lactalis South Africa

This week, we caught up with the marketing director at Lactalis South Africa, Matt Richards, to find out more about his life outside the office...
Image supplied: Matt Richards, marketing director at Lactalis South Africa
Image supplied: Matt Richards, marketing director at Lactalis South Africa

Where do you live, work and play?

I’m in Cape Town, in the city centre, and our office is in Stellenbosch

What’s really behind your selfie?

A very happy person after a long week selling cheese, yoghurt and milk!

Bizcommunity Tell us some of your few favourite things.

The outdoors (hiking, trail running), road trips and discovering new places, spending time with family and friends, drinking Steri Stumpie and eating SA’s No1 cheese, Parmalat, reading, listening to podcasts, and trying to become a better cook!

Describe your career so far.

After studying at UCT, I started at Nielsen, which was a great place to learn all about the FMCG world.

Then I went to the UK and worked at Unilever for five years in brand management. I’ve now been at Lactalis (Parmalat) for the last 11 years, working across the business in various marketing and sales roles.

I currently oversee the company’s marketing and trade marketing activities. And I’ve got a fantastic team - I think we’re doing some really awesome things.

What are you streaming/reading/listening to right now?

I just read Never Split the Difference by Christopher Voss. He was the FBI’s lead hostage negotiator and he’s got some great tips on negotiation! I’m also really enjoying Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast, and I’m binge-watching the new season of Narcos!

What’s your favourite gif?

Anything with Dwight from the Office!

If we took your phone and scrolled through it now, what would we find?

Too many pictures of the dairy shelf.

Do you have any secret talents?

If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret

What are some of your best loadshedding survival tips?

Stock up on Parmalat Custard because then at least you’ll have dessert!

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