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Mogli.Mobi set to change nightlife entertainment

Imagine being able to search for an event, buy your ticket, and pay for everything you consume, all using just one application.
With the growing popularity of mobile wallets, cashless payment systems and service-based cell phone applications across the African continent, Mogli.Mobi, a subsidiary brand under African urban culture and lifestyle company Memetics501, is due to launch South Africa’s first fully integrated, mobile wallet solution for the entertainment, food and beverage and nightlife industry, Mogli.Mobi.


‘The idea behind creating this app was to provide an all-in-one solution on a single platform, in the palm of your hand for entertainment consumers, venue owners, promoters and vendors,’ says Avukile Mabombo, owner at Memetics501.
Mogli.Mobi set to change nightlife entertainment

For the public, the app will serve as a one-stop-shop for all of their entertainment needs, with event attendees even being able to make their food and beverage purchases prior to the event, thus doing away with the traditional system of standing in long queues to top-up.

Get rewarded

Unlike other web-ticketing platforms, Mogli.Mobi will also function as a loyalty rewards programme where users earn points on every purchase made which they can redeem for access to exclusive events or other purchases on the platform.

The platform doesn’t just benefit consumers. Suppliers, event promoters and vendors will now be able to operate their services from one platform and monitor every aspect of the journey live from ticket to bar sales in real time through a fully integrated dashboard.

Vendors can manage table sales with never seen before ease because the app’s user-friendly admin panel and app logins enable them to run ticket sales, table bookings and allocations, door verification and bottle sales during an event all on the same platform.
Mogli.Mobi set to change nightlife entertainment

The dedicated venue and event pages also allow vendors to expose their offering to a captive audience - be it by promoting events or specific food and beverage offerings. Vendors can now identify true VIPs based on a customer’s interaction with various venues and events and are able to tap into the Mogli loyalty system by incentivising patrons on various promotions as well rewarding them for engagement.

The Mogli.Mobi app aims to make it easier for individuals to enjoy a night out on the town, easier for vendors to entertain and service their customers, and easier for brands to reach their target audience, build meaningful relationships and drive return on investment.

Coding technologies makes it easy to use

Built together with Nazeer and Yazeed Osman from the USFL (Useable Solutions for Life Team) of Developers, Mogli.Mobi was built using one of the latest native coding technologies, REACT, which has been dubbed the next big thing for developers in Southern Africa. The app was built using the REACT coding language means that Mogli.Mobi won't just be able to function in one codebase and can be used for both iOS and Android using the same coding language.

It was a core goal of their team to have an app with the right technology and features that work seamlessly is a disruptor in the eventing and ticketing space, and is at the forefront of all current mobile booking system technology.

Lastly, it's free to join Mogli.Mobi and you only pay commission based on the sales that are made through the app.

Launch dates for the Mogli.Mobi application is still to be announced.

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