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Will Action SA get an upper hand in Gauteng since the ANC is losing all its power

Will Action SA get an upper hand in Gauteng since the ANC is losing all its power

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    Satsa unveils eSIM tech for seamless global travel connectivity

    In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (Satsa) has teamed up with to introduce an innovative eSIM technology, signalling a significant shift in how travellers and businesses establish connections while on the go. This transformative solution is poised to redefine the landscape of global connectivity.
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    The new technology, a seamless data solution for both inbound and outbound travellers to South Africa, eliminates the need for physical SIM cards and provides travellers and businesses with unparalleled freedom from expensive roaming charges.

    The eSIM also ensures easy access to data services across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

    "Our new eSIM technology, which I have personally tried and tested, represents a breakthrough in global connectivity. This easy-to-install, budget-friendly solution is poised to transform how individuals and businesses connect while traversing the globe," says David Frost, CEO of Satsa.

    Key benefits of the eSIM

    Cost-effectiveness: The technology significantly reduces data costs while travelling, making it an economical choice for frequent travellers.
    Easy to use: With instant purchase and installation, the eSIM offers a hassle-free experience for users.
    Global coverage: Travellers can enjoy seamless connectivity in over 200 countries and territories, ensuring that they stay connected wherever their travels take them.
    Flexibility and convenience: The technology can be easily managed through an intuitive app, providing full control over data usage and plans.

    "This launch marks a significant milestone for Satsa and as they spearhead the future of travel technology. Steven Kottler, managing director of says: "Our collaboration with Satsa, the voice of inbound tourism in South Africa, fills us with pride. We are thrilled about the opportunity to significantly enhance the experiences of travellers within and beyond the country's borders."

    "The launch of the Satsa eSIM technology also marks a significant step forward in providing a more connected and efficient travel experience, whilst embracing the future of travel technology. We are committed to enhancing the global travel experience through innovative solutions, and our eSIM technology is a testament to this commitment,” says Hannelie du Toit, Satsa’s COO.

    "Travellers and businesses can now explore the world with peace of mind and the assurance that they will remain connected through an innovative and affordable data solution," concludes du Toit.

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